[Weekly inventory] LED companies continue to invest, Micro LED is ready to go

[Weekly inventory] LED companies continue to invest, Micro LED is ready to go


A few days ago, a piece of news about "Samsung’s sale of China’s LED business" spread across the LED circle in an instant, causing a lot of shock in the industry, but unexpectedly there was an oolong. The next day, Samsung LED Vice President Tan Changlin Outward sternly denied the news. In addition, what exciting events have occurred in the LED industry this week? May as well look down.


[Big coffee news]


Samsung LED solemnly denies withdrawing from the Chinese market and selling Tianjin factory


According to recent reports by South Korean media "Korea Herald" and "The Bell", a major South Korean manufacturer Samsung LED will sell its plant and business in Tianjin, China to a private equity company located in Hong Kong, China. Samsung LED's Tan Changlin (Executive Vice President / Deputy BU head)  In particular, this news was strictly denied to the outside world.


Philips plant lighting enters the Russian market


According to the LIGHTimes On-Line report, Philips Lighting of the Netherlands intends to supply LED plant growth lights to the Russian greenhouse agricultural product cultivation company LLC Agro-Invest for the cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse. The greenhouse area is about 25 hectares (approximately equivalent to 40 football field).


Inventronics is planning a major asset restructuring, and the transaction volume exceeds 500 million!


Inventronics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has been suspended since June 5 due to “planning of major events”. On June 19, with a paper "Announcement on the Suspension of Major Asset Restructuring", the company's restructuring target gradually surfaced. According to the announcement, the company is planning to pay cash to acquire assets. The main products of the target company are new energy vehicle charging and LED display power supplies. The estimated transaction amount is about RMB 500 million to 1 billion.


The total investment is 1 billion! The new automotive lighting plant under the world's top 500 companies is put into production


On June 20, the new automotive lighting system plant under the Fortune 500 company Marelli Group was put into operation in Changchun Economic Development Zone, with an estimated annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan. The new factory of Changchun Marelli Automotive Lighting System is its ninth factory in China, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan. It mainly produces the most advanced LED automotive lighting products in the world. This project will be used for automakers such as FAW-Volkswagen, BMW Brilliance, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, etc., and will achieve an annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan after reaching full capacity.


Sheet Wright attacked car lights and education, with an investment of nearly 40 million yuan


Recently, Guangdong Snow Wright Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company" and "the company" or "Snow Wright") issued two consecutive foreign investment announcements to further deploy car lights and education Field, involving a total amount of nearly 40 million yuan.


62.89 million! Alto Electronics’ wholly-owned subsidiary won the bid for a major lighting project


Alto Electronics announced on the morning of June 22 that Shenzhen Qianbaihui Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qianbaihui"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, recently received a notice from Ningbo Municipal Engineering Office "Notice of Winning Bid." The notice confirms that Qian Baihui is the winning bidder for the V bid section of the "Building Landscape Lighting Improvement Project along Zhongshan Road" in Ningbo City. brings Mitsubishi Chemical to grow vegetables independently and invests nearly 50 million to build a plant factory


JD will build an approximately 10,000-square-meter plant factory in Tongzhou, Beijing, which will be put into operation by the spring of 2018. The investment amount reached approximately 800 million yen (equivalent to approximately 49.16 million yuan). Mitsubishi Chemical will provide a hydroponic cultivation system, as well as technical guidance on selection, seeding, harvesting and packaging, as well as hygiene management and vegetable production record management.


[Market Wind Direction]


Everlight: Optimistic about the demand for small-pitch screens, the price of blue LEDs will slow down in the second half of the year


Everlight, a leading Taiwanese LED packaging manufacturer, held a regular shareholder meeting on June 16. Chairman Ye Yinfu said that mainland China continues to invest in the LED industry. Under fierce competition, Everlight will continue to eliminate low-margin orders. This year, non-blue LEDs For the first time, the proportion of blue LEDs will surpass the application of blue LEDs such as lighting and backlighting. With the explosion of demand for small-pitch displays, the price of blue LEDs is expected to slow down in the second half of the year.


Jingdian: Blu-ray prices may be under pressure in the first half of next year, and Q3 CSP shipments are expected to rise


Because the demand for LED lighting in the first half of the year is not bad, Jingdian has stimulated the full capacity of LED lighting. Looking forward to the second half of the year, orders will be received from July to August. However, the new production capacity of land-owned factories is still in the learning curve stage, but it will meet next year. Blu-ray prices may be under pressure during the off-season in the first half of the year.


LED lighting applications are gradually expanding, and my country’s market size will reach trillions in 2020


Recently, the reporter learned from the side event of the 8th Clean Energy Ministerial Conference——Global Lighting Challenge Forum, including Mulinsen Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd., and Biotech Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 12 A Chinese semiconductor lighting company voluntarily submitted a pledge: in the next two years, a total of 3.29 billion LED lamps and 5.77 million LED street lamps will be sold.


[Micro LED]


Jingdian Li Bingjie: Micro LED can be realized in wearable and VR applications within 1 to 2 years


Equipment held a regular shareholder meeting on June 21. Chairman Li Bingjie said in an interview before the meeting that Micro LED can be regarded as the predecessor of Mini LED. Only Epistar and Osram can supply RGB three-color LEDs at the same time in the world. Jingdian can obtain business opportunities.


Experts: Currently, Micro LED Display R&D faces three major challenges


Is there a chance that Micro LED will become the mainstream technology of displays? Experts believe that the current research and development of Micro LED Display has three major challenges, namely: massive transfer technology issues, current control issues, and compatibility issues with the existing LCD/LCD industry chain.


VueReal developed 6000ppi Micro-LED display, mass production in 2018


According to a foreign media PRNewswire report, Canadian company VueReal has recently developed a 4K micro-LED display with a pixel density of 6000 PPI (Pixels Per Inch), setting a record for the highest PPI of an emission display. VueReal plans to complete the verification and evaluation this year and provide samples to interested customers by October 2017. VueReal will start mass production of this display in 2018 to meet the needs of niche customers and license its technology to display manufacturers.


Micro LED has attracted much attention, so says the Taiwanese LED boss!


The LED industry lacks new themes this year, but after Hon Hai joined hands with Rongchuang, Innolux, and Sharp to acquire shares in eLux, Micro LED was lauded. In fact, not only are technical issues such as massive transfers and inspection equipment barriers to be resolved; in addition, the current panel factories and LED factories are working separately, and the integration of the supply chain in the future is also a big problem. It is generally believed that it will take at least 3 to 5 years for Micro LEDs to come out in mass production.


Innolux lays out the next generation of display technology, and MiniLED and MicroLED develop simultaneously


Innolux lays out the next generation of display technology. Ding Jinglong, executive vice president and head of the technology development center, said that Innolux MiniLED and MicroLED are developing simultaneously. MiniLED can achieve special-shaped cutting and curved surfaces, and there is a chance of mass production in 1 or 2 years. Shipment. On the other hand, it also announced its entry into fingerprint recognition, and mass production in the third quarter will be the world's first thermally sensitive flexible fingerprint sensor.


Jingdian is optimistic about Micro LED and is expected to contribute revenue within five years


The world’s major system factories and panel makers have invested in research and development of Micro LED. Li Bingjie, Chairman of Jingdian, is optimistic about the success of this technology and believes that it will be from Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The development of wearable devices, mobile phones and large-size panels is expected to contribute to Jingdian's revenue within five years.


In more than half of 2017, what is the trend of the LED lighting industry?
In more than half of 2017, what is the trend of the LED lighting industry?
Due to the large market space in my country's lighting industry, the entry barriers for low-end product industries are relatively low, especially after the rise of LED lighting, a large amount of social capital has poured in, thus forming an industry competition pattern with relatively low industry concentration and fierce market competition .
The concept of sharing has long been
The concept of sharing has long been "rooted and sprouted", but the LED display is long overdue
Nowadays, the fast-developing information society also allows LED displays to have broad application prospects in various fields.
In the second half of 2017, where should LED lighting companies go?
In the second half of 2017, where should LED lighting companies go?
In the blink of an eye in 2017, more than half of the year, entering June, lighting companies have summarized "the gains and losses in the first half of the year" and set out to lay out the "development plan for the second half of the year."
LED industry concentration is increasing year by year, investment enthusiasm remains unabated
LED industry concentration is increasing year by year, investment enthusiasm remains unabated
In the beginning of 2017, Mulinsen invested 1.035 billion yuan in the Xinyu LED lighting accessory project; Guangpu shares, which successfully transferred from the New Third Board to A shares, invested 132 million in the LED lighting product expansion project on May 25 ;
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