2017 LED display development trend and market opportunity analysis

2017 LED display development trend and market opportunity analysis


After years of development, the domestic LED display industry tends to be standardized and centralized. Driven by technological innovation, fierce competition, changes in market demand and policies, new characteristics have emerged in the development of domestic LED display this year. In general, the technical content of the products is generally higher, and the segmented products produced in response to the different needs of the market are growing vigorously. In addition, under the leadership of policy and further economic development, more new markets are waiting for LED screen companies to develop.


New trends in the development of LED display screens


1. The birth of ultra-fine pitch products may become the next boom in the market

   The strong rise of small-pitch LED products in 2017 and the rapid development of the market have caused some companies that are still waiting to “be caught off guard”, while companies that already have technical reserves and mass production capabilities are the first to open the market and enjoy the market. Sweetness. Judging from the performance forecast for the first half of 2017, Unilumin Technology’s small-pitch products have a growth rate of 90%, and Leyard’s small-pitch TV sales are also growing at 50%. It can be seen that the small-pitch products have greatly benefited the profitability of both. .

  The dot pitch of current small-pitch products is basically between P1.2 and P2.5. Some industry insiders believe that the product dot pitch will be further reduced and develop in the direction of “ultra-fine pitch”. In fact, at the previous Infocomm exhibition in the United States, Leyard had already launched 0.7mm fine pitch products and said it had entered the mass production stage; Unilumin also launched P0.9 fine pitch products.

   As major manufacturers step up the research, production and promotion of small-pitch products, small-pitch LED products have also entered a stage of homogenization competition, striving to develop more high-definition products, in order to improve product competitiveness, obtain technical recognition, and It has become one of the choices of manufacturers, which has also promoted the development of LED displays in the direction of ultra-fine pitch. At the same time, stimulated by the increasing demand for indoor large-screen applications and small-pitch products occupying part of the LCD splicing market, the industry hopes that products with smaller spacing will get a bigger cake in the field of indoor large-screens, which has also promoted it to a certain extent. Research and development of ultra-fine pitch products.


2. The demand for interactive intelligence is highlighted  LED display functions will be more diverse

   Previously, LED displays were used in commercial applications, mostly in long-distance, large-screen outdoor advertising and stage displays. With the increase in the application of LED displays in the indoor commercial field, simple display functions have become difficult to meet the market need. Nowadays, informatization, digitization and touch-screen devices are developing rapidly. Digital advertisements in the form of advertising machines and window advertisements need to have more powerful interactive functions in order to satisfy people's further understanding of products. In this regard, compared to LCD screens, LED displays have a particularly obvious interactive disadvantage. If you want to dig deeper into the indoor commercial display market, LED displays must break through this barrier to gain wider recognition.

   But on this issue, perhaps we don’t need to be too pessimistic. A few days ago, American LED display manufacturer NanoLumens announced that it has launched a true glassless touch screen technology, and said that the touch screen solution can eliminate the traditional glass frame or plastic screen, break through the bottleneck of the display and touch functional components isolation, and change the past The dilemma that it is difficult to add interactive elements to the LED display.

   In addition, intelligence is highly praised and has a corresponding impact on people’s daily life and business activities. This has also led manufacturers to start research and development to use human face recognition, gesture remote control and other intelligent factors and LED display Screen combination.


3. Visual experience upgrade  Help develop a new blue ocean in the market

   As mentioned above, the main function of the LED display is to display. At present, people's pursuit of visual experience is getting higher and higher, which also promotes the continuous innovation of the shape and display form of the LED display.

  LED transparent screen is quickly recognized by the market under this trend, and smoothly enters the high-end commercial display and stage display market. Different from the traditional LED display screen, the transparent LED screen can reach 80% transparency. To a certain extent, its viewing effect is excellent, so it has become the darling of the high-end market. The same is true of the LED sky screen, which occupies people's field of vision with a super large area and gives people an immersive experience. It has become the best choice for many high-end commercial centers.

   The combination of LED display and holography can be said to be a combined display form of virtual and reality, which can better demonstrate people's unremitting pursuit of visual effects. In recent years, the combination of LED display and holography has been particularly eye-catching on the stage. The combination of the two blurs the boundary between virtual and reality, leaving only a shocking visual experience for people. It is not difficult to imagine how huge its future application market will be. .

   In addition, the trend of 3D, VR and other emerging display technologies being applied to LED displays has further opened up the application fields of LED displays and will help the continuous expansion of the LED display market.



New opportunities in the LED display market


1. Smart cities will add more code  small-pitch products will benefit first

   Since the announcement of the first batch of national smart city pilot list in 2012, smart city construction has been put on the agenda. In 2014, eight ministries and commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Smart Cities", proposing that by 2020, a number of distinctive smart cities will be built, which has once again accelerated the pace of smart city construction.

  Affected by this, various government departments have successively invested in the construction of informatization, visualization, and intelligent command and office platforms, which to a certain extent promotes the increase in the demand for indoor large-screen displays, coupled with the gradual maturity of small-pitch products and huge technical advantages , Making the application of small-pitch LED products in security, meteorology, transportation and other fields surged.

  With the gradual advancement of the construction of smart cities, the application of LED displays as digital display devices in smart transportation, informatized communities, and smart medical care will continue to increase, adding weight to the expansion of the LED display market.


2. Culture and sports undertakings flourish  Related markets are booming

   The "13th Five-Year Plan" issued by the State Council pointed out that the modern cultural market system and modern cultural industry system should be improved, and the development of cultural industries should be accelerated. Under such policy support, my country's culture is presenting a thriving scene, and cultural performances in various regions have received the attention and support of the government, which has further promoted the prosperity of the LED stage display market.

   In addition, the current domestic sports industry is developing in the direction of marketization, and with the support of national policies, the use of LED displays in the field of sports has also greatly increased. Whether it is to meet the display needs of spectators to watch the game, or the needs of event sponsors and advertisers to display their own brands, there is a certain demand for LED displays. In addition, the World Cup, championships and other events follow one after another, which also makes LED stadiums. The market for LED screens and LED fence screens continues to expand. Large companies in industries such as Abison, Lehman, Leyard, etc. are invariably developing sports undertakings across borders, which is enough to prove their potential market.


3, “One Belt One Road”continue to escort  SMEs gain new markets

   Since the beginning of this year, the "One Belt One Road" summit forum and the introduction of related policies have made "One Belt One Road" a hot spot in current affairs in the first half of 2017, and it has actually brought overseas development to the LED display industry. New opportunities. Data show that in April this year, my country’s LED display export scale hit a single-month high, and the “Belt and Road” policy’s leading role is beyond doubt.

  For small and medium-sized enterprises, under favorable export policies, countries such as Southeast Asia and Central Asia with small market capacity and low development levels have become potential markets worthy of “deep digging”. Compared with the markets of developed countries, which are not easy to enter, developing countries are undoubtedly the existence of "small but many" markets. The market capacity of a single country is small, but there are many such countries, and generally speaking, small and medium-sized enterprises still have a large market. Development significance. Moreover, under the high saturation of the domestic market, LED display companies must seek new markets to satisfy their survival and development. At this time, "One Belt One Road" is "escorting these companies" to help them develop overseas smoothly. market.

  Under the trend of continuous technological innovation, price decline and huge potential market, the use of LED displays will become more common, not only in public life and commercial activities, but also in every aspect of our lives. Under this promotion, the LED display industry will gain more development opportunities and maintain a positive trend of vigorous development.


In more than half of 2017, what is the trend of the LED lighting industry?
In more than half of 2017, what is the trend of the LED lighting industry?
Due to the large market space in my country's lighting industry, the entry barriers for low-end product industries are relatively low, especially after the rise of LED lighting, a large amount of social capital has poured in, thus forming an industry competition pattern with relatively low industry concentration and fierce market competition .
The concept of sharing has long been
The concept of sharing has long been "rooted and sprouted", but the LED display is long overdue
Nowadays, the fast-developing information society also allows LED displays to have broad application prospects in various fields.
In the second half of 2017, where should LED lighting companies go?
In the second half of 2017, where should LED lighting companies go?
In the blink of an eye in 2017, more than half of the year, entering June, lighting companies have summarized "the gains and losses in the first half of the year" and set out to lay out the "development plan for the second half of the year."
LED industry concentration is increasing year by year, investment enthusiasm remains unabated
LED industry concentration is increasing year by year, investment enthusiasm remains unabated
In the beginning of 2017, Mulinsen invested 1.035 billion yuan in the Xinyu LED lighting accessory project; Guangpu shares, which successfully transferred from the New Third Board to A shares, invested 132 million in the LED lighting product expansion project on May 25 ;
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