Six development trends of the LED packaging market in 2017

Six development trends of the LED packaging market in 2017


At the current stage of LED development, capital, technology, and scale have become important factors in the development of the industry. At present, the scale of my country's packaging industry is still expanding.

According to the latest research statistics, the size of China's LED packaging market in 2016 increased from RMB 6.4 billion in 2015 to RMB 3.7 billion, a year-on-year increase of 14%. In 2017, driven by the recovery of the LED application market, especially the LED lighting market, and the strong demand in the small-pitch market, China's LED packaging market is expected to reach 87 billion yuan in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 16%.

It is estimated that the six major development trends of the LED packaging market in 2017 are worthy of attention.

1. Chinese LED manufacturers accelerate their development, and domestic utilization rate continues to rise

  According to the analysis of LEDinside, in 2016, the utilization rate of domestic products in China's LED packaging market reached 67%. Nichia Chemical is still a major supplier in China's LED packaging market, ranking first among the top 10 manufacturers. In addition to Nichia Chemicals, there are also 5 international companies. Of course, Chinese manufacturers are not inferior. MLS (MLS) is developing rapidly, surpassing Lumileds (the Dutch LED manufacturer) in second place. The rankings of NationStar and Honglitronic have also improved.

Second, China's LED lighting market is growing steadily

   China’s LED lighting market reached RMB 25.9 billion, which was lower than expected. The main reason is that the global market's demand for LED lighting has not increased significantly, which has led to a decline in the overall export of LED lights in China.

   However, due to stable domestic market demand, China’s LED lighting market grew by 9% year-on-year in 2016. LEDinside predicts that the scale of China's LED lighting market will grow to RMB 28 billion in 2017 and RMB 36.4 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 9% from 2015 to 2020.

3. International manufacturers hand many OEM orders to Chinese manufacturers

   As low-power LED lights dominate the LED lighting market, and the high capacity utilization rate of China's first-tier manufacturers, many international brand manufacturers (Lumileds, Osram, CREE, Samsung, LG Innotek, etc.) ) Orders are gradually concentrated in China.

Four. The market demand for small-pitch LED displays stimulates manufacturers to expand

   The market demand for small-pitch LED displays is still rising. LEDinside predicts that China's LED display market will reach RMB 15.8 billion by 2020. In the early days, Everlight was a leader in the small-pitch LED display market. Nowadays, more and more Chinese manufacturers are also entering this field, including NationStar Optoelectronics, Mulinsen and Kinglight, which has also stimulated manufacturers to expand in this field.

5. Chinese companies adopt MOCVD technology to further reduce LED manufacturing costs

   MOCVD equipment manufacturing technology was once in the hands of European and American companies. Veeco (American Instrument Company) mainly produces EPIK700 MOCVD equipment with a larger crystal growth furnace. Based on the K465i MOCVD launched by the company in 2010, EPIK700 MOCVD has the most reaction chambers.

The market share of Chinese MOCVD equipment suppliers such as China Micro Semiconductor (AMEC) and Topecsh (Topecsh) is also gradually increasing, although it only accounted for 11% of the market share in 2016.

Six. LED filament market demand is increasing year by year

  In the past two years, due to the popularity of LED filaments in Europe, North America, and Australia, more and more manufacturers have entered this field, and the market scale will show rapid growth. In 2016, the global LED filament market demand was 150 million. LEDinside estimates that by 2018, the global LED filament market demand will reach 600 million.

   At present, LED lighting technology is developing rapidly, the speed of industrial integration is obviously accelerating, the industrial concentration will gradually increase, and the polarization of enterprise development is obvious. On the one hand, large enterprises or enterprises with core competitiveness have achieved rapid development and further become industry giants. Agglomeration; on the other hand, small companies have meager profits under the dual pressure of technology and scale, and they have difficulty in survival. Shutdowns, production shutdowns, mergers and transfers occur occasionally, and the global LED competition landscape is gradually changing.

   It is inevitable that the LED industry will continue to reshuffle in the future, but each reshuffle will be another sublimation of the LED industry. In the end, some leading enterprises that master core technologies, own more independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands, are highly competitive, and have a reasonable industrial layout will be retained.




In more than half of 2017, what is the trend of the LED lighting industry?
In more than half of 2017, what is the trend of the LED lighting industry?
Due to the large market space in my country's lighting industry, the entry barriers for low-end product industries are relatively low, especially after the rise of LED lighting, a large amount of social capital has poured in, thus forming an industry competition pattern with relatively low industry concentration and fierce market competition .
The concept of sharing has long been
The concept of sharing has long been "rooted and sprouted", but the LED display is long overdue
Nowadays, the fast-developing information society also allows LED displays to have broad application prospects in various fields.
In the second half of 2017, where should LED lighting companies go?
In the second half of 2017, where should LED lighting companies go?
In the blink of an eye in 2017, more than half of the year, entering June, lighting companies have summarized "the gains and losses in the first half of the year" and set out to lay out the "development plan for the second half of the year."
LED industry concentration is increasing year by year, investment enthusiasm remains unabated
LED industry concentration is increasing year by year, investment enthusiasm remains unabated
In the beginning of 2017, Mulinsen invested 1.035 billion yuan in the Xinyu LED lighting accessory project; Guangpu shares, which successfully transferred from the New Third Board to A shares, invested 132 million in the LED lighting product expansion project on May 25 ;
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