Gathering 315: For infringement, LED lighting people have something to say

Gathering 315: For infringement, LED lighting people have something to say


It’s the annual “315 Consumer Rights Day”. For people in the lighting industry, “lamps are plagiarized”, “fake counterfeiting”, “rights protection”, and “arrears design” Infringements such as fee”, “engineering money” have become a common phenomenon. Some choose to remain silent, while others choose to take up legal weapons to defend their rights. On this occasion of 315, the editor went deep into the lighting industry to understand what infringement incidents they have faced, what views do they hold, and how do they defend their rights?

Xu Faqing, Chairman of Guangzhou Dasen Lighting Co., Ltd.:

  Dasen Lighting has a background in stage lighting, and it has been hit hard until now. There is also a certain market in this field, so it is also facing the phenomenon of serious plagiarism of many stage lighting products. Secondly, it is also particularly difficult to recover the project payment of lamps and lanterns in arrears. I hope that the future lighting, whether it is stage lighting or landscape lighting, will have a healthy competitive development, even if it is just a little bit of micro-innovation, it is good, but not copying each other.

   At present, Dasen is also stepping up efforts to protect the intellectual property rights of product technology, and continues to apply for product and technology patents. But I think it is not enough to protect the property rights of products by applying for rights protection, patents, etc., so that the company can grow. What I value more is how to transform the pressure of healthy competition among industries into our driving force.

Ni Zhen, Director of Lighting Design, Shanghai Chanying Lighting Design Co., Ltd.:

  I once encountered the theft of design renderings, but there was no way to complain, so I could only protect myself, and later added LOGO to the work.

Gao Feng, Director of Lighting Design Institute of China Xinxing Construction Engineering Corporation:

   There are many incidents of designers being infringed in China. However, designers do not know how to protect the patents of their design works, the construction party does not pay attention to the patent rights of the designer's design results, and the owners do not pay attention to the patent rights of the designer's design works. As a result, the designer is embarrassed in the implementation of the entire project.

  In the initial project design, the owner still respects the designer, hoping that the designer can be creative and reasonable in the design of the design carrier. In the specific implementation, in order to save money, tight schedules, complicated processes, and many other reasons, some individual construction units will make partial adjustments to the designer’s design work in order to maximize the profit of the project. , Craftsmanship, modeling up to carry out "creative". The final implementation of the work may be 60% consistent with the work you originally designed, and what is more, it is almost a direct replacement, forming a "plan Xi Shi, landing a certain sister". It is also common for design fees to be delayed or even not to be given.

   The developer's capital chain is tight, and very few owners are unscrupulous, etc., which may lead to delays in design fees and even bad debts. The designer is actually very helpless, and there is basically no way or measure to deal with it. Because the generally arrears design fee is basically the final design balance, ranging from 5% to 20% of the total design contract, because the contract terms at this stage basically require the end of the project installation or the end of the completion acceptance, and there is no constraint to the owner. arms. You can only rely on your own service level to influence the owner, show your enthusiasm for first love and treat Party A, expecting Party A to pay according to the contract on time.

Peng Yinshui, general manager of Romney Optoelectronic System Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.:

  Imitating infringement is a stage that developing countries must go through. In recent years, everyone’s awareness of intellectual property rights has become stronger than before, and more and more companies have taken up legal weapons to defend their rights. We have several series of products that have been infringed. We resolutely defended our own rights and sued some companies, including several listed companies. We hope to make a contribution to the purification of industry intellectual property rights. It is also hoped that those listed companies will not encourage infringements, and should actively invest in more research and development funds to provoke industry leaders. Do not just do some simple and rude OEMs. Use their own channels and brands to infringe some innovative companies. After all, they will have to pay. Costly.

Wende, general manager of Shenzhen Jielisai Lighting Co., Ltd.:

   Plagiarism in the lighting industry is not surprising, especially lighting manufacturers who do engineering channels have encountered more. Often the products that I have just developed have been copied everywhere. The lighting project of the Shenyang Poly Grand Theater that Jilisai did before was seriously infringed. The lighting of this project was customized, but other lighting manufacturers used our design drawings, and applied for another patent through the fast track. And because the infringing unit later changed its company name and was unable to file an appeal, we suffered heavy losses.

  I am very angry about the infringement. I want to sue them, but in reality, the time cost of protecting rights and collecting evidence through the law is too high. For such infringing customers, I think what lighting manufacturers can do at present is to eliminate the opportunity to cooperate with all malicious infringing customers.

Gong Haiyan, deputy general manager of Foshan Yinhe Lanjing Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd.:

   Yinhe Lighting has always taken the route of independent innovation, and every year there are many new products and patented technologies. So there will be many plagiarism and infringement incidents. Regarding such things, I think that plagiarism and infringement companies or individuals lack the spirit or ability of innovative research and development, and plagiarism is not enough to gain a foothold and develop in the market.

   For an enterprise to develop, independent research and innovation is the right way. We have always strictly cracked down on infringements, and we have successfully resolved such infringements through legal channels many times. At the same time strengthen self-development and research and development capabilities, always in a position of being imitated and never surpassed!

  On this "315 Consumer Rights Day", in the mechanism of commercial competition, we have seen that many companies or individuals who are serious about designing products are plagiarized and infringed. I hereby appeal to all lighting industry players to say no to customers with bad reputation and no to plagiarism, and insist on safeguarding their own rights and interests. Breaking the responsibility of silence together, make infringers pay a heavy price, and eliminate the persistent problems of infringement in the lighting industry. Work together to create a healthy and orderly ecological environment for the lighting industry. So that the sunrise industry of lighting can grow in a healthy competitive environment!


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