To drive away foreign powers and become the "mounter king", this "madman" has to create more miracles!

To drive away foreign powers and become the "mounter king", this "madman" has to create more miracles!


“In the eyes of many people, I am a ‘crazy’. "Yu Yaoguo made a mockery of Gao Gong LED. From an inconspicuous equipment technician to the founding of Yitong Automation, he began independent research and development of placement machine equipment.

Up to now, in the past 22 years, not only has developed SMT.LED placement machine and peripheral automatic high-precision production equipment, but also has the world's fastest LED full-automatic high-speed placement machine, multi-functional inspection and patch placement machine, SMT automatic production equipment such as LED automatic glue filling machine, multi-function labeling, high temperature adhesive tape machine, placement machine nozzle inspection machine and SMT steel mesh inspection machine, has become a veritable "mounter king".

   When we asked about the future of his company, Yu Yaoguo said without hesitation, "Continuously carry out research and development, and "drive out" imported equipment with high cost-effective advantages, so as to truly benefit the people. ”

  Yu Yaoguo, erudite and talented, has been dormant in the technical route for more than 20 years, and he who is "persistent" is exploding out of ordinary entrepreneurial power.


A genius among madmen, to be a device that others dare not make

   In 1995, Yu Yaoguo began to contact the equipment industry. He was also the first batch of people to enter the equipment industry and the first batch of SMT managers at that time. In 2007, it started to independently research and develop placement machine equipment. In 2009, Shenzhen Yitong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ Yitong Automation”) was established. In 2011, it obtained the invention patent for placement machine verification.

   It is understood that the LED placement machines in the equipment market at that time were all imported from abroad, and the price was very expensive, but the speed was not very fast, and it was not possible to make long boards of 1.2 meters or more. Under this background, Yu Yaoguo has developed the motivation for domestic equipment research and development, and devoted all his energy to research and development, which not only improves the speed, but also breaks the short board barrier. It can stick 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, and 25 meters. , 50 meters and even infinite long boards.

  Yu Yaoguo recalled that someone asked me at the time, if I had a very long board, could you post it? I said of course it was possible. Can I post up to 5 meters? I said, yes, I can also post up to 10 meters. In the eyes of that person at the time, I was just a lunatic.

   There used to be a Japanese who has worked in China for more than 30 years. He was shocked to see the long board posted on our device at an exhibition. The person who made this device must be a "lunatic". Of course, it is also a "genius among lunatics", because only a person who knows nothing can dare to do so.

   Indeed, no one in the equipment industry at that time dared to make such placement machine equipment. Not only did domestic equipment companies dare not do it, but even foreign equipment companies did not do it.

   I didn’t expect it, I just couldn’t do it. If it is a person who understands the placement machine, he may tell you that it needs to be refined here and there needs to be upgraded, but it is still not possible to "jump" out of the original framework and make subversive changes. Yu Yaoguo said frankly, “Everyone is talking about revolution, and I was revolutionizing my own life. ”

Improve cost performance and occupy the market “highland”

   As we all know, there is no best equipment, only the most suitable. What customers need is more stable and mature. Yitong Automation has been able to sit firmly on the throne of “the king of placement machines” for many years.

  According to Yu Yaoguo, “At that time, the domestic equipment market was very dependent on foreign imports, and it was agreed that the equipment imported from abroad was highly reliable. In addition, China is the world's processing base, and the amount of equipment used is very large. Foreign manufacturers think that their technology is "excellent", so the external posture is very "pull", not only not letting go, even if there is a problem with the equipment during use. , And do not assume responsibility for after-sales service. ”

  “At that time, I was thinking, if we can develop more advantageous placement machine equipment in China, will we be able to meet part of the demand in the domestic market? Therefore, within two years, I started to develop a multi-function placement machine to PK with overseas equipment. "Yu Yaoguo said confidently.

   Indeed, when the multi-function placement machine of Yitong Automation came out, foreign imported equipment began to feel the pressure of competition from Chinese domestic equipment.

   At first, it cost 5 cents to stick a long board with a foreign-imported placement machine equipment, but at that time, the automatic placement machine equipment of Yitong can reduce the cost by 8%, which not only improves the efficiency for customers, but also greatly reduces the cost.

  Yu Yaoguo also revealed that “Compared with foreign manufacturers, the multifunctional placement machine of YITONG Automation is very cost-effective. If measured by the unit price, when the unit price is the same, the higher the high-end, the more obvious our advantage. For example, a multi-function machine that can achieve 100,000 points in an hour, overseas brands sell for more than 4 million, and ours only needs Around 1 million. ”

  For foreign buyers, they choose equipment very rationally. They will not buy the best equipment, but choose the equipment most suitable for them. Yitong automation equipment is faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective, which is undoubtedly not their best choice.

   At the same time, Yitong Automation also broke the foreign monopoly and began to share the market.

   At present, the export of Yitong Automation's equipment has accounted for 40% of the total sales, mainly to India, Egypt, Switzerland, South Korea, Turkey, Vietnam and other more than 10 countries and regions. In addition, YTO Automation's multi-function placement machine has a market share of more than 80% in the domestic LED lighting market.

  “In fact, YTO Automation can become today’s “mounter king”, and it is inseparable from the support of domestic lighting leaders for many years. For example, the first-tier domestic LED manufacturers such as Sunshine Lighting, Mulinsen, Fo Zhao, Sanxiong Aurora, and Dehao Runda are also using our equipment to help YTO Automation occupy the market. "Yu Yaoguo told Gaogong LED.


The end of the eight-year war of resistance, and the beginning of the three-year "civil war"

   Shanzhai has always been a "pain point" in the domestic LED market, as is the LED equipment market.

   In recent years, it has been subjected to malicious competition from copycat manufacturers. Yu Yaoguo said frankly, "For Yitong, copycat plagiarism is also a kind of testimony to quality. Over the years, we have always insisted on focusing on quality, customer first, and placement machine equipment that has quality problems, even if we throw it away as garbage. Will be used to deceive consumers. ”

  The copycat products follow the traditional form, constantly compressing costs, lowering selling prices, and narrowing profit margins, so that the stability of the products cannot be guaranteed. This is also a good thing for our professional equipment manufacturers.

  Equipment is bought to "make money", not to repair it. If the equipment stops working, it is a loss. YITONG Automation has been designed according to a 15-year shelf life during research and development. Up to now, there has not been a situation where a unit cannot be used due to quality problems. The customer who is in use is the best proof.

   Currently, we have over a dozen invention patents, all of which are world-class invention patents. Next, we will defend the patent sovereignty, continuously improve and improve ourselves on the equipment.

   Good brands can also be more marketable. Yu Yaoguo told Gaogong LED that Yitong Automation is continuously expanding production, and the production capacity is now close to 100 units per month.


Strengthen the small-pitch equipment to start a new round of competition with foreign factories

   Since last year, Yitong Automation has begun to make efforts in small-pitch equipment, and now many companies are using it.

  The difficulty of small-pitch equipment lies in accuracy. Nowadays, the small-pitch equipment used by everyone is basically imported from abroad. From this point of view, Yitong Automation has entered the field again, just like another cycle, the goal is also to "drive out foreign small-pitch equipment again".

   It is undeniable that the YTO automatic multi-function placement machine is the most advanced in the field of optics and electrical appliances, and the technology is also the most authoritative.

  “Next, we will continue to improve equipment accuracy and speed, and continue to improve our competitiveness. We will continue to research and innovate, regard well-known foreign companies as competitors, and spur our continuous growth. "Yu Yaoguo finally proposed.


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In more than half of 2017, what is the trend of the LED lighting industry?
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LED industry concentration is increasing year by year, investment enthusiasm remains unabated
In the beginning of 2017, Mulinsen invested 1.035 billion yuan in the Xinyu LED lighting accessory project; Guangpu shares, which successfully transferred from the New Third Board to A shares, invested 132 million in the LED lighting product expansion project on May 25 ;
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