The competition in the LED industry is fierce, and the yitong LED placement machine will help you win

The competition in the LED industry is fierce, and the yitong LED placement machine will help you win


Development Trend of LED Strip Market

   In recent years, the annual growth rate of the global LED energy-saving industry output value has remained above 20%. According to relevant statistics, the global LED lighting market is expected to reach 75 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, accounting for 50% of the global lighting market.

  According to the "Decision of the State Council on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of Strategic Emerging Industries", ""Twelfth Five-Year Plan" Comprehensive Work Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, "Twelfth Five-Year" Development Plan for Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industries" As well as the "Semiconductor Lighting Energy-saving Industry Development Opinions" and other related content, the government has formulated a semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry plan. The plan proposes that by 2015, the average annual growth rate of the output value of the LED lighting industry of LED strip factories should reach about 30%, and all incandescent lamps for general lighting above 60W will be eliminated, and their market share will drop below 10%, which is energy-saving. The market share of traditional high-efficiency lighting products such as lamps has stabilized at about 70%, and the market share of LED functional lighting products has reached more than 20%, with an output value of 450 billion yuan (including 180 billion yuan for LED lighting applications), and the localization rate of LED chips More than 80%.

   my country is gradually increasing financial subsidies for the promotion of LED lighting products. In the fields of commercial lighting, industrial lighting, government offices, and public lighting, it promotes the demonstration of LED products in medical, agricultural, stage, landscape lighting and other professional and special places. Application, orderly promote the implementation of the "ten cities ten thousand lamps" semiconductor lighting application demonstration project, focus on the demonstration application of LED tunnel lights, street lights and other products and systems, and actively carry out the creation of green lighting demonstration cities. While focusing on the application and promotion of lighting products such as LED downlights and spotlights, it will enter the home lighting field at an appropriate time. With the support of the national priority development of energy-saving and environmental protection industry policy, the market demand for LED strips has gradually increased, and the future growth trend will be highlighted.

Industry competition will become more intense

  In the past ten years, China's LED lighting industry has shown a spurt of development, with a continuous growth rate of more than 30%. Due to the broad market prospects and low market entry barriers, competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

  According to the data released by China Industry Information Network, in 2015, there were more than 20,000 companies in the LED lighting industry participating in market competition. The domestic lighting industry had sales of 560 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8%. Number of digits. Due to the excessive number of enterprises, the lighting industry has overcapacity and oversupply. In order to cope with the fierce market competition, domestic enterprises mainly dilute production costs and reduce the price of LED lighting products by expanding their production scale.

  Last year, due to the global economic downturn and the economic downturn in China, the growth of LED lighting market demand slowed down, and some LED manufacturers tightened the subsidy policy to further release production capacity, and the problem of overcapacity was getting worse. International giants launched a low price war for LED bulbs, and leading companies have followed suit. Most companies are stuck in the dilemma of "increasing revenue but not profit".

   In 2015, the global LED output value showed a negative growth for the first time, and the entire output value experienced a -3% decline, mainly due to the oversupply of the entire industry, which caused the LED price to plummet. First look at the chip part, the price drop is about 40%-50%,

The    part is even as high as 60%. The price drop of packaged devices is not the same. Many manufacturers in the Mobile field and mobile phone backlight field have already entered, and the price has fallen sharply; the lighting application part is also the hardest hit.

   From the perspective of the growth trend of each link in the first half of 2016, due to fierce market competition, the overall growth rate of the upper and middle reaches has declined compared with last year. The export value of lighting products in the first quarter was 8.5 billion U.S. dollars, a decrease of 14.8% compared with the same period last year, and the situation is grim.

Yitong launched a special placement machine for flexible light strips to improve placement efficiency and reduce placement costs

  Due to the increasingly severe price competition in the LED market, Shenzhen Yitong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. has launched a new generation of LED soft light belt high-speed placement machine——HT-F7

HT-F7 special LED placement machine for flexible light strip

   The price war in the LED industry is fiercely competitive. Many companies are in a state of choosing unprofitable or even profitable operations in order to seize the market. This is not a healthy development for a company. Therefore, companies need to plan carefully to reduce production costs to make a profit. The HT-F7 special high-speed placement machine for flexible light strips was born under this premise.

Product features:

Two to four materials can be mounted at the same time

The mounting speed is not affected by the proportion of materials such as lamp bead resistance

The production capacity is up to 170,000 CPH

How does Yitong HT-F7 placement machine reduce production costs?

   The production capacity of HT-F7 is as high as 170,000 points, which is equivalent to four placement machines of other brands. Assuming that the company has four placement machines of other brands, now only one HT-F7 is needed.

1. Machine operating cost

  H-F7 has a power of 5KW, and it consumes 5 kWh of electricity for one hour of operation. Assuming that one kilowatt-hour is charged at 1.5 yuan and the machine runs for 8 hours a day, the electricity bill for HT-F7 for a year is 5*1.5*8*365 = 21900 yuan. The power of most mounters on the market is between 10KW and 15KW. Let's assume it is 10KW, so the electricity bill for four other brand mounters is 10*1.5*8*365*4=175200 yuan a year. Therefore, in terms of electricity bills, Yitong HT-F7 can save enterprises 175200-21900=153300 yuan in one year.

2, labor cost

   If a placement machine requires two operators, and the salary is calculated at 3500, then the labor cost required for HT-F7 is 3500*12*2=84000 yuan/year, and 4 other brand placement machines The labor cost required is 3500*12*8=336000 yuan/year. Therefore, in terms of labor, Yitong HT-F7 can save enterprises 336000-84000=252000 yuan in labor costs in one year.

3. Machine maintenance cost

  All machines of Yitong Company enjoy one-year warranty service, so the maintenance cost for the first year is 0. Assuming that the monthly maintenance cost of a mounter is 1,000 yuan, the one-year maintenance cost of Yitong HT-F7 is 1,000* 12=12,000 yuan, then the maintenance cost of other brand placement machines for one year is 1,000*4*12=48,000 yuan. Therefore, in terms of machine maintenance costs, the Yitong HT-F7 can save the company 48,000-0=48,000 yuan in the first year, and it will save the company 48,000-12,000=36,000 yuan every year.

   To sum up, a yitong machine can save the company 153,300+252,000+36000=441,300 yuan in cost every year, and the 440,000 yuan can be used to develop the enterprise and expand its operation. Therefore, in the environment of price wars among various companies, choosing ETCOM HT-F7 can better save costs for companies, improve the competitiveness of high companies in terms of prices, and better allow companies to seize market share.


In more than half of 2017, what is the trend of the LED lighting industry?
In more than half of 2017, what is the trend of the LED lighting industry?
Due to the large market space in my country's lighting industry, the entry barriers for low-end product industries are relatively low, especially after the rise of LED lighting, a large amount of social capital has poured in, thus forming an industry competition pattern with relatively low industry concentration and fierce market competition .
The concept of sharing has long been
The concept of sharing has long been "rooted and sprouted", but the LED display is long overdue
Nowadays, the fast-developing information society also allows LED displays to have broad application prospects in various fields.
In the second half of 2017, where should LED lighting companies go?
In the second half of 2017, where should LED lighting companies go?
In the blink of an eye in 2017, more than half of the year, entering June, lighting companies have summarized "the gains and losses in the first half of the year" and set out to lay out the "development plan for the second half of the year."
LED industry concentration is increasing year by year, investment enthusiasm remains unabated
LED industry concentration is increasing year by year, investment enthusiasm remains unabated
In the beginning of 2017, Mulinsen invested 1.035 billion yuan in the Xinyu LED lighting accessory project; Guangpu shares, which successfully transferred from the New Third Board to A shares, invested 132 million in the LED lighting product expansion project on May 25 ;
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