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In 2020, the "Yitong Smart Park" of Yitong Jiangxi Industrial Park will be successfully completed, equipped with a cash processing and manufacturing center, to check the quality of parts from the source, and the production process will be further standardized and streamlined. As the world's leading brand of high-speed placement machines, YTO has an absolute leading position in the LED industry market share. Its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions including South Korea, India, Vietnam, Tunisia, Egypt, and Turkey. The company has a number of intellectual property technologies, including 9 invention patents, 112 utility patents, and 12 software copyrights. It has successively won the "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise", "Guangdong High-tech Enterprise", and "National High-tech Enterprise". Shenzhen’s well-known brands" "2015 LED Technology Innovation Award", "The 4th China LED Initiative Award", "Industry Special Contribution Award" and so on. "Speed" and "stability" are the capital that Yitong is proud of. The original manufacturing plan, rigorous quality management and perfect after-sales system have enabled the company to rapidly develop into an extremely influential manufacturer in the field of placement machine equipment.


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