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  Shenzhen ETON Automation Equipment CO., LTD. is one of very few high-tech manufacturers committed to provide "professional, high efficiency, low consumption" automatic high-speed SMT pick and place machine for customers,combining product development,production,sales and service as one.

Shenzhen led placement machine

Will you encounter these problems?strong>
1. Are you still frowning possible failure to achieve the clients’ delivery owing to too low production capacity of placement machines?
2. Are you still worried about the increasingly rising salaries, difficult employment, higher and higher labor cost?


We can help you solve such problems as below:
1. LED high-speed placement machine HT-X7 with 10~12W CPH*20H = 22,000 light tubes in production capacity.

2. With production capacity large enough, relatively few machinery equipment are required. So it is with the operators. Thus labor cost decreases relatively and likewise, the utilization of plant sites becomes more efficient.


LED Chip Mounter


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