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China's market demand for LED placement machine big next three years compound annual growth rate of nearly 30%

Source:OFweek Number of visits: Date:2016-04-19
OFweek semiconductor lighting network news in recent years, SMT technology ((surface mount technology)) and electronic information technology to keep pace development of the situation, and in the electronic information industry has played an increasingly prominent, becoming more and more important. Faced with the rapid development of SMT processing industry, its market demand will rise sharply. Existing domestic production of components, whether or yield varieties far failed to meet market demand. Projections indicate that foreign institutions: China's semiconductor market in 2001 demand will rise to $ 13 billion in 2005, $ 34 billion. Market demand will promote China's industrialization process components.
As SMT (Surface Mount System surface-mount system) placement machine in one, LED placement machine is designed specifically for the LED industry custom SMT placement equipment, used to achieve high-volume LED circuit board assembly, including a display screen , hard and soft lights, lights and so on, by moving the mounting head surface mount components to be placed on an apparatus PCB pads accurately. It is used to achieve high speed, high precision components stickers put, the entire SMT production of the most critical and most complex equipment. With the development of LED technology, the traditional SMT placement machine production can not meet the needs of the LED industry, the LED placement machine came into being.
China has become the world's largest number of countries with Mounter
Although China SMT late start, from the early 1980s has been only 20 years, but the introduction of digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, we have come a theoretical exploration, the bulk of the initial stage of the test, and in large quantities into the deepening study the new stage production applications.
After 20 years of development, China's annual demand for the placement machine has 15-20% annually, from the placement machine ownership point of view, China has become the largest number of countries around the world have Mounter, is the world's the largest and most important market placement machine. It is estimated that in the field of LED dedicated placement machine, the market capacity in 2014 more than 1,000. The 2016 domestic demand for the new placement machine about 3000, for which the demand for LED placement machine is about 1300 units. In addition, taking into account the significant growth of LED lamps and LED display market, dedicated 2017 SMD LED market capacity will reach 319 million yuan, the next three years dedicated SMT LED market compound annual growth rate of nearly 30%.
Source: Guoxin Securities
This shows that China is coming of age SMT, SMT China is becoming a global manufacturing center, China's LED placement machine is expected to be rapid development, and in this period, we face the opportunities, but also facing more challenges .
Our professional LED SMT equipment suppliers is on the rise
SMT placement machine production line is the most critical, technical and stability of the most demanding equipment. 10 years, Chinese enterprises are still in the exploratory stage and prototype trial phase has not been introduced by the pilot of a mature product, almost 100% dependent on imports (except small LED placement machine), it can be said that in the past ten years , the great promise of SMT market, occupied almost foreign goods, in such a situation, the market is eager to see the emergence of cheap domestic placement machine.
With our technology to further enhance the level of professional LED SMT equipment are also rising.
In terms of geographical distribution, the current PRD is still dominant, accounting for more than 60%, followed by the Yangtze River Delta region, accounting for about 20%, again is distributed in various domestic electronics companies and research institutions in other provinces, the market demand about 20% of the amount.
From the enterprise nature, Europe and Japan and Taiwan, Hong Kong investment in mainland China SMT business is very large, these companies are also major suppliers of SMT equipment needs; at the same time, the number of SMT equipment and more mainland enterprises have a large number of research institutions and increasing, accounting for an estimated about a quarter of the market share. It is reported that currently specializes in LED SMT equipment manufacturers have Hyun-seok Optoelectronics, with Li Sheng, ETS automation, including Hyun-seok LED SMT placement machine to overturn the traditional craft, rounding feeder feeding, the use of vibration plate feed, eliminating the LED device packaging segment after taping process and the required raw materials, saving manufacturing costs.
However, our professional LED SMT equipment manufacturers really want to catch up with foreign brands still need to continue to achieve technological innovation.
Today, LED packaging equipment is not optimistic about the current market situation, the homogenization of intense competition, our LED chip equipment manufacturers to survive and develop, continue to innovate, to find new profit growth point is very important. Especially in the LED industry for SMT equipment stability and reliability of attention gradually over the stage of the price of attention. For example, currently on the market more and more fiery pitch LED display is small, to ensure that accuracy is more important than the pursuit of speed.
In addition, LED packaging technology innovation LED placement machine will put forward new demands. Currently on the market mainstream package has COB, CSP, EMC, SMD, etc., LED package will be in the high-power, small size, ultra-fine, ultra-thin direction, and with the innovation LED packaging technology, the LED stick machine equipment will also put forward higher requirements. Therefore, LED packaging production equipment will be further consolidation, integration processes, to multi-functional machine, fully automated whole plant equipment output direction.


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