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LED placement machine operating matters

Source:Internet Number of visits: Date:2016-03-28
SMT LED lighting products are the main outputs by production lines, mainly used to implement LED circuit board assembly. The level of efficiency of its work, the relationship between the level of productivity of the whole production line, and therefore on the operation need to look at the issue, in order to ensure their normal work.
First, the upper plate handling precautions
1, the upper plate to plate parallel to the track on the platform, and gently advance.
2, when the plate is placed on the board to ensure that the platform at right angles. Do not put a crooked, causing the track to pry open. Cause the board to live, so long tracks also lead to flare.
Second, the newspaper alarm processing machines
1. If the site operator familiar with the alarm message, clear action and know the results may of its own fault alarm information confirming process.
2. If the site operator familiar with the alarm, do not know clear action and the results will not be allowed to own alarm confirmation process should protect the alarm information, immediately notify the engineer or technician when the line process.
3. If you are not familiar with the site operator alarm information, alarm information can not be self-confirmation process should protect the alarm information, immediately notify the engineer or technician when the line process.
Third, safe handling
1, in the operation of equipment or transfer machine process, such as an accident, should quickly press the emergency stop button, or pull down the power switch, the equipment immediately suspend operations.
2, replace certain parts when the machine is suspended under a state together should stop pressing the lock button (to avoid the misuse of others).
3, in a normal condition when the device is protected, should be suspended in the device operation status of the operation, in particular situation can not be shut down, there should be more than one person in the next monitoring.
4, equipment operating procedures shall use equipment.
5, try to avoid job and flux directly touch the skin, the use of gloves and other things.
6, open the oven should be taken to avoid scorch together also wear gloves.
7, as little as possible to open the doors and windows equipment, ventilation systems can be useful to let the dust sucked, insisted fresh air, clean environment.

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