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LED placement machine butt how to solve?

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Before talking about how to solve, first to understand what is called LED placement machine butt? LED placement machine polishing material with the average import Mounter is not the same, lamp beads is generally more expensive, so there are LED placement machine butt rate is a very important factor, it means LED placement machine during the production species, suck after the material is not posted, but the material thrown into the scrap box or elsewhere, or is not executed material sucked more than a butt action ministry.
LED placement machine polishing material reasons, what does?
A suction nozzle problem, nozzle deformation, congestion, damage caused by insufficient air pressure leakage.
Second, the camera identify system problems, poor vision, visual or laser lens dirty, with debris.
Third, the problem of incoming, incoming irregular for pin-oxidation and other substandard products.
Fourth, procedures, programs edited element parameter settings wrong, with incoming physical size, brightness and other parameters to identify discrepancies caused by pass are discarded and other reasons.
When we understand LED placement machine polishing material reasons, we're going to be in addition to treatment for every reason, if the reason is a cause, you can clean the nozzle change. If caused by two reasons identification system by wiping the surface clean, keep it clean and free of debris and other contamination, adjust the intensity of the light source, replacement parts identification system. If caused by three reasons, it does IQC testing, contact with suppliers, so we're going for different reasons, to make the appropriate adjustments.
Through the above detailed presentations, we learned that the more detailed the important role of expertise in modern society, of course, due to space reasons, presented here not very detailed, if you want to know more information, please Follow our company's corporate website

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