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Family history of LED placement machine

Source:internet Number of visits: Date:2016-03-07
1 concept
Pan Yi speaking LED placement machine belongs SMT (Surface Mount System surface-mount system) placement machine in one, with LED technology
Development of surgery, traditional SMT placement machine production can not meet the LED industry demand, the LED placement machine came into being.
Led placement machine is designed specifically for the led industry custom SMT placement equipment, used to achieve high-volume assembly of LED circuit board. equipment
The required accuracy is not high, but requires speed.
Principle 2
Led Mounter use guide or linear motor drive control principle head; while with professional glue nozzle head spinning, so placement over
Process, only the maximum extent possible to prevent sticky material, dumped materials such as manufacturing defects; Led Mounter tanks chain requires more adequate toughness and ductility, so
In order to ensure its stability and service life.
3 Features
1, visual recognition technology: Six Tsui visual automatic placement machine, visual recognition software technology, do not stop taking shoot rapid positioning technology
, Optical image capture position, on the fly;
2, built AOI detection function: mounter before mounting on the quality of the printed solder paste inspection; precision placement of components and after mounting
Check errors and omissions (optional);
3, using flexible on the top under pressure, tight around the top method hostage PCB, to ensure that no deformation PCB laden tight;
4, equipped with two high-resolution imaging system, respectively, PCB board, CHIP IC and positioning;
5, can mount 0402-40mmIC components, to achieve optimal placement 15000CPH speed;
6, bilateral feeder seat: Bilateral put up 80 8mm feeders;
7, can mount a variety of components: a variety of resistors, capacitors, IC, BGA, QFP, CFP, & amp; μBGA;
8, the motor uses lightweight design concept, can significantly reduce the weight of the machine moving parts, whereby the operation of the machine when the power consumed too big
Width is reduced to only a quarter of the general placement machine consumption, power consumption of up to 1/4 or less ordinary Mounter;
9, magnetic levitation linear motor driven applications, improved low original rotary servo motor speed screw Luo mother presence, noise shortcomings.
Maglev linear motor technology is applied, movement without friction, no resistance, high speed, long life.
NOTE: LED SMT placement accuracy of less demanding, but requires faster. At present, for professional LED placement machine, there are a few in
To do, depending on the speed it can be divided into four, six, eight devices. LED placement machine can mount mainstream applications should be a large area of ​​PCB board to meet online
request, so as to ensure speed.

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