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2016 Guangzhou International Exhibition advertising logo LED and exciting show in February

Number of visits: Date:2016-03-01
2016 Guangzhou International advertising logo and LED Exhibition (ISLE2016) will be held in Canton Fair in Guangzhou · February 24 to 27, the exhibition in the past on the basis will be developed further, the organizers the clean-up to create a much bigger, higher grades, wider influence professional exhibition for the majority of exhibitors to create more opportunities for trade cooperation.
ISLE2016 organizers will be fully integrated exhibitors demand, increase investment, increase the proportion of overseas buyers committed to improve the overall quality of buyers, and through the integration of resources, further expand ISLE in the industry's influence. ISLE will be fully upgraded, larger, better layout of the exhibition, more investment channels, more extensive on-site activities for the majority of enterprises to create better advertising and LED-commerce platform unremitting efforts.
ISLE 2016 will further expand the exhibition area, is expected to reach 100,000 square meters. At the same time the organizers will optimize the layout of the exhibition, set up advertising logo and exhibition display equipment, digital advertising technology and equipment exhibition applications, LED display technology exhibition four galleries, exhibition lighting technology innovation, covering advertising and LED industry chain, adequate out of the hall to complete a one-stop procurement needs.
ISLE organizers always attaches importance to buyers invited to work, but this exhibition is spared no expense to conduct comprehensive, global promotion in order to increase the percentage of overseas buyers as well as buyers of finishing quality and quantity to meet the needs of the majority of exhibitors. Organizers will go to more than 50 key industries in more than 30 countries or regions on the exhibition site ISLE2016 for investment promotion; Fair use more than 20 million overseas buyers to promote resource database; and more than 30 overseas industrial associations, more than 200 home industry media focus on cooperation; 200,000 invitations direct mail; 1,000,000 EDM and SMS regularly push; 100,000 Featured Buyer data targeted one to one telephone solicitation and the like. Multi-channel, all-round investment, global network of professional buyers.
More than 20 exciting activities in the same period, the industry focus on hot spots. ISLE been identified Industry Association of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center, the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Abby, Chau Ming, dozens of well-known enterprises and authorities for their support, is expected to hold more than 20 games in ISLE2016 concurrent Forum, award ceremonies, new product launches, etc., to share with your industry cutting-edge technology to explore the development of the industry trend.
The show is more careful than ever, intentions, no matter from which side, there are a lot of progress, so exhibitors also increased, the exhibition is expected to reach 1200 exhibitors, professional visitors is expected to exceed 10 million people, has become a real large-scale, more professional event, welcome more companies to exhibitors.


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