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LED ring opening of what happened big thing?

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[LED Reuters Guowanchunjie back, already work for a week, everyone's holiday syndrome cure yet? Monkey comes, Xiao Bian wish you all a Happy New Year, business is booming! Without further ado, Syria, take a look, since the new year, LED circle what is really the big thing ......
Great coffee [dynamic] • International articles
◆ OSRAM CEO propose expanding the general lighting market was dissatisfied with Siemens
According to foreign media, Reuters (Reuters) reports, February 16, the German lighting group Osram (OSRn.DE) chief executive strategy on expansion of the general LED lighting market has been the largest shareholder of the company Siemens (SIEGEn.DE) criticism.
Earlier, OSRAM part for which shareholders announced plans to invest 1 billion euros to create a new LED semiconductor plant in Malaysia disappointed strategy, resulting in its share price plunged 30 percent in November 2015. Analysts also believe that the move is in the adventure, fear Osram will stand the fierce competition commercialization of street lighting and home lighting market themselves.
◆ Samsung lose money selling equipment for the flexible adjustment of LED solid career
South Korea Central Daily News Japanese media reported on the 15th, lost to Chinese manufacturers by cheap offensive, so Samsung Electronics has dramatically reduced LED Packaging Division, Samsung LED packaging production line located in Tianjin, China factory plant in the region of a "significant number" of the equipment has been to Chinese companies sold to the end, but in the future, Samsung will continue to produce LED chips; said Tianjin Samsung LED packaging production line in South Korea is the main cause of Hing produced LED lighting into the wafer processing, TV backlight, LED packaging production and sale of the above estimated line equipment to produce dozens of one hundred million won loss (that is, the amount of the sale price is lower than the carrying device; the loss has been put out in the last 10 - 12 months earnings).
Samsung official statement: "Since 2012, Samsung Electronics is actively developing the next generation of LED technology, as well as supply to the market progress of LED light source, which is the company include LED packaging, LED modules and LED light engine, including LED components Division of tasks in order to make Samsung's business operations more smoothly, and keep operating efficiency, Samsung sold in January 2016 these have access to the equipment depreciation period LED production line equipment. Samsung will continue to strengthen the company's management efficiency, and continue to promote flexible business strategies to meet the trend of the overall LED market trends. "
Century Road ◆ Philips
How much all the way through centuries giant Philips temper?
How they survive in a battle of World War II?
Faced with GE, Siemens and other international companies attack, how Philips survivor?
In the following five this article, you will find the answer.
    Philips century (a): The initial two decades
    Philips Century (II): How to become Europe's largest lighting company
    Philips century (III): Half a century ago the survival strategy
    Philips century (IV): How to Philips?
    Philips century (final): How to survive World War II
◆ reason for the decline in funding the acquisition of Lumileds Secret or because LED chip technology involving military
In mid-January this year, Chinese buyers waiting nearly a year, the United States rejected its acquisition of Philips Lumileds' s 80.1 percent stake in the company's transactions, and the reasons for rejection are not always known to the outside world.
Recently, the "Reference News" quoted foreign media sources said, one expert and another person involved in the transaction discussions revealed the existence of concerns about China's ambitions in the area of ​​the chip is the main reason that US officials refused to approve the deal. However, industry sources said, the United States vetoed the deal, not because it concerns a simple LED chip technology, but because LED chip belongs to the technical field of semiconductor, if the chip technology for a variety of sophisticated electronic equipment and military fields, the detrimental to the protection of competitive industries.
◆ GE in the United States overall sprint Stock CFL bulbs LED penetration
US light bulb manufacturers GE plans stock saving bulb (CFL), the US stock market will be fully expected to be completed exit CFL market sprint LED bulb end, GE LED bulb market share is currently still behind CREE (Cree), OSRAM (Osram), Philips (Philips), a legal person is expected to be held once again this year, manufacturers promotions, Taiwan LED factory in terms of the price rise would not be easy, but shipments are expected to increase.
◆ large single strikes! GE is five thousand JPMorgan outlets installed LED lighting
General Electric Company (General Electric Co., GE) has been with JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMorgan Chase & Co., JPM) signed an agreement for the latter to install new lighting device outlets in the United States 5,000 banks.
Current sales of new business GE LED lighting systems are estimated, after installation, JP Morgan Chase bank outlets and lighting-related energy consumption will be reduced by 50%. Under the agreement, Current will be replaced in the next two years to about 1.4 million existing lamps into LED lighting, covering 25 million square feet (2.32 million square meters) of space. Current expects the new lighting system laid JPMorgan year for energy savings of 18,400 kilowatts. The amount of the transaction were not disclosed.
[Dynamic • Large coffee domestic articles]
◆ mixed dry according to profit and loss, the country star, MoSo results released last year
Dry according to optical results released late 16 Express, 2015 year, the company achieved total revenue of 625 million yuan, representing an increase of 46.70 percent over the same period last year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit -8300.23 million, compared with year earlier, down 248.48%.
Country star power today released 2015 annual results Letters, the company achieved total revenue of 1.839 billion yuan, an increase of 19.15%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 160 million yuan, an increase of 10.64%.
MOSO February 16 release 2015 annual results Letters, the year 2015 the company achieved total revenue of 909 million yuan, up 44.72 percent; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 24.0542 million yuan, an increase of 150.26%.
◆ 7.8 亿 acquisition of Lehman expand CTS New Culture Sports Media Resources
Lehman shares 15 evening announcement, the company intends to 780 million yuan acquisition of Shenzhen City, as the New Culture Media Co., Ltd. 100% stake in Lehman and CTS will use different channels of the new culture media resources to provide customers with comprehensive advertising service, the sports media resources customer resources extends to Metro TV, Metro TV customers resources to promote sports media resources to achieve market synergies. CTS 2016 annual commitment to a new culture, year 2017, net profit after non-recurring gains and losses realized in year 2018, respectively, net of not less than 6,000 yuan, 8,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.
◆ Siu Chi shares prepared by fund-raising 2.9 billion yuan to force Internet TV business
Siu Chi shares (002,429) February 18 release of non-public offering of A shares plan, this company intends to price 12.36 yuan / share non-public offering does not exceed 23,800.3108 shares, raising total funds of not more than 294,156.0084 million. The non-public offering to raise net proceeds (after deducting issue expenses) will be used for the joint operation of the Internet TV business projects.
◆ Abby controlling shareholder holdings of 1.3 million shares
Abby February 18 noon announcement, one of the controlling shareholders, directors, deputy general manager 任永红 on June 17 auction trading shares of the company through holdings of 13.88 million shares. After holdings, Ren Yonghong directly held shares of the company 3.58.26 million shares, representing 19.0826% of total equity.
◆ pass Foxconn, Sharp co-production iPhone 8 grab OLED panel orders
Japanese media likelihood 12th Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun reported being operational restructuring Sharp (Sharp) to accept Taiwan's Hon Hai aid, reconstruction of increase, while Hon Hai and Sharp expect to cooperate, grabbed Apple (Apple) is expected to in 2018 started selling the iPhone with OLED panel orders.
It is reported that Hon Hai plans to utilize Sharp's Kameyama factory plant area of ​​idle plant and equipment to establish the existing OLED panel mass production technology, after the plan began in mid-2017, a small amount of production, and in addition to the Kameyama plant, Sharp 2015 closed in small and medium size panel stronghold "triple first factory" is also possible to re-enable the production of OLED panels; in addition, Hon Hai / Sharp joint operations (Sakai) City 10th generation panel plant also consider mass production of large-size OLED panels for TV .
◆ the park affected by the earthquake TSMC, UMC to affected families
6 am-scale Taiwan 6.4 earthquake occurred near the epicenter of the park also reported sporadic disaster, Taiwan foundry giant TSMC, UMC wafer fragments because the earthquake occurred, panel makers Innolux Wuchang room or even a small fire, Fortunately, that is extinguished within a few hours after the incident, a number of manufacturers currently suspended, to resume production until the inventory losses.
Taiwan's Industrial Development Bureau noted that the regional industry yield loss in the case, only the Central Industrial Zone have two sporadic disaster damage, District Industrial Development Bureau pipeline no exception, rather than the current industrial zone in return for the status of the plant or office slightly more loss, the current industrial return Bureau of the amount of loss in the tens of millions, in part due to tripped result in downtime of equipment, machines have gradually resume production, is not affected, the companies are expected to be completed quickly clean up and restore full production.
[Industry phenomenon: Quality Door & Door recall]
◆ Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau of sun lamps failed in the column list of a number of Guangdong enterprises
Recently, the Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau in its official website announced the 2015 commodity circulation lighting equipment quality checks test results. The results show that the presence of some of the goods quality problems, mainly disturbance voltage, electric shock protection project does not meet the relevant standards.
From the list of found unqualified, "Dongheng lighting" fluorescent lamps, "the United States Shi Yue Lighting" Fixed LED lamps, "3G" fluorescent lamp, "TCL" LED ceiling, "treasure of Lighting" Civil ceiling, "Qing overflow lighting "ceiling fluorescent lamps," Sheng arrogance "fixed fluorescent," LONPai "LED high power ceiling," JUHAO huge high "energy-saving fluorescent light smoke hanging appliance," NVC "lamps and other nominal trademark goods on the list .
◆ "recall" and a recall of about 60,000 Lunera LED industrial lighting
Lunera The recall in the United States about 60,000 lamps, (where another 1,000 branch sales to Canada), to recall the product model is Lunera 13 watt Helen GX23 LED industrial lighting. The United States says was found in case a surge voltage occurs when the light will not be used. It may cause burning circuit boards and other issues.
Lunera received a total of 11 reports of overheating This fixture. However, no case of injury to the user occur. Consumers should immediately stop using the lamps, and contact Lunera in order to obtain a full refund. He said lamps are all made in China.
◆ keep falling shade IKEA global recall of one million risk Ceiling
IKEA (US and Canada) calls upon purchase HYBY, RINNA and / or LOCK lamps Consumers should immediately remove the above-mentioned lamps, and sent to IKEA for a full refund. The recall is due to the discovery IKEA installation process (will not latch properly stuck pressure may cause shade) and latch material may be oppressed and broken glass shade, shade and cause danger of falling. Currently IKEA IKEA Canada and the United States received a total of two and a LOCK HYBY related returns. No consumers injured.

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