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2016 China (Beijing) International Lighting Fair

Source:Industry Website Number of visits: Date:2016-02-18
Held in conjunction with: 2016 12th Beijing International LED & Lighting Expo
Time: August 2016 11-13 Address: China International Exhibition Center (Old National Museum)
China is one of the world's fastest growing countries in the process of urbanization, China has put LED lighting as "Thirteen Five" strategic emerging industries,
Beijing by the Illuminating Engineering Society, Beijing International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Guangya main organizer of the "2016 China (Beijing) International Lighting & LED Lighting Technology Expo" "referred to as: Beijing Light Fair" held in August 2016 in Beijing. Current lights Fair "Creativity Green Future" as the theme, set up decorative lighting, lighting, landscape lighting, LED lighting, LED display, LED chip / package / equipment such as five professional exhibition, has brought together a large number of domestic industry leading technology well-known exhibitors, showcasing all areas of stage lighting industry's most advanced products, technologies, materials, equipment, etc., to achieve the lighting industry downstream industry chain stop sourcing trading platform.
Beijing Light Fair 2016 will be the best service, the largest, new look, new packaging image, positioning a high starting point, deep service, outstanding brand, interpretation of the classic, brought together boutique, highlight the taste. Hold high the banner of industry brand, highlighting and amplifying the lighting industry, high-end quality, most professional lighting industry chain Show image presented to the participants. Trying to build the lighting industry annual event. To speed up the promotion of innovation and development in China and the global lighting industry to provide a good platform.
In the current highly respected under the concept of environmental protection, conform to the trend, everywhere, to flourish. Its green, environmental protection, energy saving features and policy of optimizing the industrial structure, promote energy conservation fit. By then, the famous lighting companies at home and abroad will bring together a high-quality buyers. We sincerely look forward with you to create brilliant!
"Based in Beijing, the national radiation," uphold service in the lighting industry, lighting industry and services, the purpose of service in all regions of the market, strive for exhibitors and visitors sacrifice quality, satisfactory professional exhibition.
Sincerely welcomes foreign businessmen to participate in "Beijing Light Fair"!

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