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SMT assembly and device approval

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SMT assembly and device approval
SMT placement machine is the production line of the main equipment, SMT machines from the early development of low-speed mechanical SMT placement machine high speed optical alignment, and to multi-functional, flexible connection modular development.
In the production line, it is configured after the dispenser or a screen printing machine, by moving the placement head to place surface mount components on a PCB pad device correctly.
It is divided into two kinds of manual and automatic. Automatic placement machine is used to achieve high speed, high precision automatic discharge device affixed components, the entire SMT production in most hubs, most complex equipment.
Place the cylinder-elements using dedicated hopper, when Mounter product replacement, all hopper to replace all, has been rarely used.
Stickers titles (mounting a plurality of vacuum suction nozzles) reciprocates between the feeder and the substrate, the components from the feeder pulled through to component position and orientation of the adjustment, then put stickers on the substrate.
Safely manipulate the placement machine operator should have the most basic is the most correct judgment, should follow the basic safety rules to manipulate the machine operator should receive training under the exact method. Check the machine, replacement parts or repair and internal adjustments should turn off the power (the machine will need to test all the emergency button is pressed in or off the power supply to make sure the situation when "read coordinates" and adjust the machine YPU (programming unit) in your hands to stop the action at any time, because placement head is mounted on a gantry-type beam coordinate movement, so named.

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