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LED from the heyday of mature sound

Source:Led Engineer Fair Number of visits: Date:2016-01-18
Friday and Saturday, Engineering Robotics Annual Meeting and Golden Globe Awards gala held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Meeting bursting with popularity, the aisles filled with chairs, the chairs are filled, we talk in small groups exchange business cards. People at the scene, can not help but sigh, now the robot industry as LED a few years ago, it is flourishing. Today LED circle everyone familiar with each other's incredibly refreshing to meet are a lot less of it.
Saturday night, the first time that elected Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen, the DPP inheritance "Great Commission." Taiwan's LED industry has been at the front of the industry a few years ago, and now a little decline trend, and now such a situation, Taiwan's LED industry development will not affect it? Ah, or do not want politics, we watch the news.
1, "seal" mad 2016
I do not know how you see the packaging industry, since capital is less optimistic, capital side that packaging technology has almost no threshold, the pattern has basically formed, very difficult to have to support SMEs in value, while large companies do not have the necessary support and opportunity.
Technology is not the threshold? There are also solid, do packaging friend nodded, agree with this view. The traditional package, especially in 2835 and the like, has been to achieve the ultimate, fight technology is not necessary, it is not a result of the fight. The new packaging technology (flip, CSP, etc.) has been proposed for several years, temporarily did not see any improvement, "only to hear the thunder did not see the rain," it does have a drizzle.
Capital do not vote, then myself.
Guoxing, Hung Lee, Siu Chi, Linsen as the representatives of listed companies in 2016 had a clear expansion plans, while Ismail was the relative volume of the same party and other smaller companies also have different degrees of expansion moves. LED package from the previous day's profits to Boli, a large scale in order to have profit, a profit to survive, survive to develop ......
We Engineering Institute believes that, in 2016, China LED packaging industry concentration will be further enhanced, CSP, ultraviolet, plant lighting devices have become the market focus of attention. CSP is of concern has spread to the upstream and downstream applications, we have high hopes for CSP, Which can be the first to mass production and ensure quality and yield, it will be able to grab market opportunities.
2, conceal embarrassing quality 3C certification accelerate the industry reshuffle
Standardization is a double-edged sword. It is said that standardization is good, which will help produce beneficial applications. It is said that standardization is not, is not conducive to innovation, is not conducive to the individual needs of modern people. However, more still felt in the present circumstances, the standard simply settle down, there is not enough strong business, they do not have enough authority to facilitate association.
Di is that, once standardized, many companies will come to an end, but in fact such a thing to happen, more difficult, especially in China, a "vast land and large population" of the country.
As early as July 16, 2014, China National Certification and Accreditation Administration Commission released the relevant regulations, LED drive power pilot 3C certification regulations since September 1, 2014, and the regulations scheduled from September 1, 2015 mandatory carried out. After the effect of the implementation of how the industry discerning eye see and understand, regulators still can not keep up, yet many blind policy implementation.
Not only is the power, standardized LED lamps is everyone talked about topic. In fact, most are eager to perform standardized equipment manufacturers, once the standard laid down, their equipment is like a set program, rather than application vendors face again and again a few days a change of program almost. Lamp factory program a change, we must redesign the plant equipment, come and go can be time consuming but also costs money.
Class of lighting source products have the basic shape, suitable for the use of automated production lines. Plant in the years with lighting plant, "blows", also some realized the truth: the indispensable step will not change, and on the fully automated, can increase the number of personalized production, may change the process, the semi-automatic / artificial instead of the standard 80% + 20% flexibility, should be able to meet the needs of most customers.
But, standardization is the beauty of the windows, visible, but also to not.
3, Anhui sunlight sunshine lighting completed the transition to a subsidiary business model
M / set up subsidiaries, is a listed company favorite expand their business scope and scale of the practice. Sunshine Lighting has been not much action in these areas, but have set up related subsidiaries in Zhongshan, Jinzhai since 2014, a great catch up momentum.
Speaking of acquisitions, first let Di think it is Hongli Opto-electronic, Riyadh, BDO Runda, and set up a subsidiary in this respect is the most impressive Linsen, vaguely remember a private occasion, Linsen Management was talked Di said, with respect to buying other companies, Linsen more accustomed to set up subsidiaries to grow the business.
But also move data production and research LED Engineering Research Institute (GGII) of the 2015 LED industry mergers and acquisitions involving an amount of over 40 billion yuan, compared with 2014 (about 60 million) an increase of about 600%. Go Scale Capital alone will contribute half of the amount, the strong purchasing power of the domestic funds, self-evident.
In the industry matures and margins all the way down the situation, many had never participate in the capital of companies added to the aid of major financial platform acquisitions, industry fission and integration occur frequently, with the power of capital, efforts to enhance its own power.
Soon to the New Year, we usually go out to work overtime home should pay more attention to safety. I wish you all a good mood every day!

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