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ETS automation HT-XF second generation of electronic Feida-Mounter get Finalist

Source:Engineering LED Qin Number of visits: Date:2015-12-25
Under the impetus of LED lighting applications market hot terminal growth, lighting companies have
enteredinto theperiod of high demand automated production lines, in this context, no doubt to the
LED lighting automation equipment business has brought good situation.
LED production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) data show that in 2017 China accounted
for LED lightingautomated production is expected to exceed 30%, the device market will reach 600
million yuan or so.
Recently, senior engineer at the Golden Globe awards ceremony is concluded Shenzhen Convention
and ExhibitionCenterfor Optoelectronic ZWL-A1200 distributed intelligent LED lighting product
line received a Golden Globetitle, Hyun-seok photoelectric LED bulb automatic production lines,
ETS automation HT -XF second generationof electronic Feida-Mounterget Finalist.
For the award-winning products, Zhang, general manager for the Optoelectronic ninety-six introduced,
ZWL-A1200LED lampscan be realized fully automated assembly line of the body may be different from
the LED bulb structure,process assemblymethods according to the customer, reasonable arrangement
production line so that the entireline layout reasonable and different types of bulb can be produced
on the same production line.
"The production line monthly production capacity of> 600 000 (22 hours a day by working meter), only 7-8
individual workers,can ensure the stability and consistency of product quality; In addition, the flexible
production line unique line body design, enabling non-stop production downtime. "Zhang ninety-six representation.
It is understood that, in the conventional LED lamp assembly process, there are a variety of kit assembly,
welding powersupply components, finished products and packaging nearly 20 step needs to be done by hand
manually, time-consuming, severely restricted the production capacity of LED lamps upgrade.
Cost control can be said that an important keyword in manufacturing, LED lighting under the increasingly
competitive market situation, in order to control costs, the introduction of automated production lines,
LED lighting is a key means of winning business, which can not only solve the problem of product quality,
can further reduce production costs, improve product competitiveness.
"Over the past five years, China's labor costs rose an average ten percent, as should this manufacturing
problem, we must implement machine Substitution." Hyun-seok photoelectric chairman FORESTRY AND believe
the launch of automated production line has become the market just need.
Currently, launched from Hyun-seok photoelectric devices, the company also introduced a high-precision
robot flexible structure,so that the positioning accuracy and compatibility is guaranteed, distributed
sensing system is part of the structure, the whole process of site acquisition parameters can achieve
system and comprehensive processing capabilities.
"In the future, the use of large data support, providing the entire production automation, intelligence,
target Hyun-seok photoelectric has always been." FORESTRY AND said.
It is foreseeable that in order to automate, scale and standardization to achieve lean production, reduce
costs, increase market competitiveness regulate the industry quality, which are specified in the direction
for the future development of LED lighting industry.
Currently domestic LED industry midstream package has been basically achieved automation of production,
and automation,intelligent downstream applications, it will also be accompanied by more businesses to
invest, and ultimately by the "Made in China" sublimation "Chinese wisdom made."

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