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The difference between LED placement machine with the traditional placement machine

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SMT LED lamp beads to be met mainly 5050,5630,5730 3014,2835,3528 and placement accuracy requirements. Relative to conventional machining precision placement machine, LED placement machine requirements are relatively low. But LED placement machine more focused on performance, that the stability of the machine running, speed, maneuverability, size requirements, thus requiring the LED placement machine must have the following design ideas and rigid requirements.
1) means a more mature and intelligent use of LED dedicated to the placement machine, various types of sensors with excellent performance in the implementation of the job can collect sufficient data to computer disposal to protect the stability and reliability of the entire placement process. At the same time as other equipment should be based on scientific methods and technical specifications regularly LED placement machine maintenance, such as the machine and the circuit board surface fouling clean washable, can effectively prevent adverse inside the machine due to dust and fouling caused by heat, cause overheating burn devices. LED placement machine has good stability in order to generate maximum efficiency benefit for the enterprise, reduce production costs.

2) LED placement machine speed must be fast, the lowest 18000 points / h above the placement rate.
3) it has easy to learn humane method of operation can be extremely shortened training time, and in the production process to reduce erroneous operation, improve production efficiency and product quality.
4) LED placement machine to be able to mount a minimum length of 1 200 mm PCB, since a large part of the LED lighting to replace the traditional fluorescent tubes, so the length of the PCB will greatly exceed the traditional size. In addition to these, in order to ensure a single LED light board no color, requirements to mount the entire batch of LED lamp beads of the same color temperature BIN (BIN general represents the range of LED lamp beads some parameters, different ranges can be respectively different number indicates, these parameters include voltage, color temperature, brightness, etc., so there will be voltage BIN, color temperature BIN, brightness that argument BIN, you can use BIN represent the product model).

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