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LED green lighting industry boom continues improvement

Source:Led Engineer Fair Number of visits: Date:2014-08-11

According to statistics,up to August 7th,the energy-efficient lighting concept plate,a total of 35 companies released first-half results notice to 31 companies. Benefit from  the continuous promotion and industry mature of energy-saving policies,2014 is regarded as the first official launched year of civilian LED lamps,the boom of green-lighting industry continued to improve.

LED,namely light emitting diode, compared to traditional light sources with high luminous efficiency, faster startup speed, pollution-free, long life and other advantages.


Supporting LED industrial development have been established as a national strategy long ago, the Government has formulated the "863" plan, green lighting program,semiconductor lighting program, "ten city ten thousand light" semiconductor lighting application demonstration and more projects.After years of development,the industry get mature gradually,form preparation of LED chips, LED wafer production, LED devices packaging and LED products application, a complete industrial chain.

The early domestic demand for LED lights focused on hotels and business transformation,to some extent policy support caused fierce competition in the industry.In 2013, the new expansion of upstream chip-making equipment are very limited,the downstream of product prices as a whole decreased by almost 20%.The researcher Shilei of Founder securities industry said,rein in investment, price adjustment and consolidation caused business pains to a certain extent,but it helps to promote the long-term development of the industry."The current prices for some products on the market has fallen to around 5 Yuan per watt,with qualification of civil. ”

According to Senior engineer LED Institute of industrial research,in 2013 China's lighting industry output was 263.8 billion yuan,with sales in the domestic market slightly lower exports.According to the <<Phasing out incandescent road map>> issued by China in 2012,plans that ban on import and sale of 15-watt or above incandescent lamps for general lighting from October 1st,2016,the potential of expansion which the replacement market brings is very surprising.China Illuminating Engineering Society-Secretary General Linping Dou predicted,in the next 3-5,industry output value is expected to exceed one trillion yuan.

A semi-annual information of 2014, high season prices first transfer into the upstream chip manufacturing and downstream sales leader.Take the LED chip manufacturing enterprises Sanan optoelectronics for example, first-half revenue reached 2.177 billion yuan, an increase of 30.03%,LED related products sales revenue is around 2.028 billion yuan, up 40.68%. Meanwhile,the mass production of company led the cost continue to decline,making chip unit gross margin accelerated, around 39%."The company intends to continue its expansion of production equipment in the future,accelerate merger and scale will be further highlighted. "Ping an securities[Twitter] electronics industry analyst Liu Shunfeng Express.

Of course, some businesses may have an early exit, it is difficult to enjoy this bonus. Dou Linping believes that in the industrial chain of LED lights and middlestream packaging enterprises are processing,barriers to entry are relatively low, at present nearly 2000 businesses overcapacity,may come in shuffling in advance.

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