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LED lighting boom the market traditional lighting enterprise speed the transformation

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As the largest application market of LED lighting--Home lighting market is increasing slowly,but 2013 made a big turn.Senior engineers LED industrial research institute statistics show,the indoor functional lighting has become the largest application are in 2013,is also the fastest growing application area.The 2013 total production value is CNY 74.7 billion, substantially exceed the total production value CNY65.2 of landscape lighting and display.

"From our point of view,the customers of traditional lighting market generally have a great sense of crisis. "the manager Huici Zeng of Shenzhen Wenxian microelectronic limited company said,which is a traditional lighting IC market with over 20 years of experience now transfered into LED driver IC.Apparently, the rapid development of LED and the sunset of traditional lighting give the pressure on them,so transition is imperative.
From the 2013 earning of LED lighting giant OSRAM,PHILIPS,the LED revenue grow quickly to the total revenue,and other traditional industries growth rates began to decline
  • Global giants has always been a bellwether in the industry,  these years demostic traditional lighting plant also began to increase the intensity of transition, including YANKON GROUP,PAK corporation,Foshan JIAMEI lighting,OPPLE,FOSHAN lighting and other first-tier manufacturers.
  • Take the YANKON lighting for example, in 2013, the company achieved sales revenue of 3.169 billion yuan, including LED lighting product revenue of 983 million Yuan, an increase of 170%, 32.01 million in sales (units), an increase of 271%. LED revenues accounted for in the total revenue ratio has reached 31%, while data last year accounted for more than just 14%.
  • THE GM Guanyong of YAKON said in an interview, hope this year can reach 40%.
  • The 2013 LED product sales revenues of NVC increased to 740 million Yuan, an increase of 197.4%. NVC report in the Chairman's report, Donglei Wang said in 2014, the price gap between LED lighting products and traditional lighting products is expected to shrink further, LED lighting market demand will continue to grow rapidly.The NVC will keep pace with the development of market, further expanding sales pipeline and promotional products, continued to promote the brand awareness to grasp market opportunities of LED lighting.
  • Dr Xiaofei Zhang, Chairman of engineering LED pointed out at a seminar in Foshan in 2014, industry consolidation significantly,the amount of transforming traditional lighting to LED lighting,the number of sales-oriented LED enterprises and LED businesses total number will reach a peak.2015 follows fiercest battle,the great scale of traditional lighting enterprises more likely to win, and by 2016 after the withdrawal of a large number of middle and downstrean of enterprises, there will be ten billion integrated LED lighting company.
  • As we can see, when LED prices have ceased to be a market penetration obstacles when everyone is feeling the market there will be an explosion, channel layouts in advance is particularly important at this time to catch up with this "last bus" ,companies could be left behind and eventually became obsolete.
  • On the face of it, for the traditional lighting manufacturer with channels, the inherent advantages is itself. They had to do was that LED out and then import channels, fact of the matter is not so simple.
  • "Many people believe that transition of LED lighting is a simple replacement of the product, does not know that transformation is a comprehensive range of systems engineering, enterprise without a corresponding accumulation is likely not to succeed. The Yutao Zhang of PAK corporation believes that includes the design, research and development, sales, the building of professional team, requires long periods of precipitation and accumulation, rather than investing so much money to do it in short-term.

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