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The 4th LED Engineer Fair 2014

Writer:ETONSource:Led Engineer Fair Number of visits: Date:2014-07-25
Owe to the promotion of the downstream application market of LED,the LED packaging industry has set off expansion boom repeatedly this year,as its upstream supporting manufacturer of equipment,also ushered in a golden period of development.In particular,some automatic packaging equipmnet with independent core technology,are gaining favor of many packaging company. 
  Shenzhen ETON automation equipment co.,ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which specialized in R&D,producing and marketing of automatic high-speed energy-saving LED mounter.At present,the series of mounter “ET" and “HT" is the global fastest in this field.
  "So far,the production capacity of our mounter have reached 120000 CPH,it is 3 times of main normal equipment of market,and the capacity of oversea machine is also just 40000~50000CPH."ETON general manager Yaoguo Yu says.
  "Our mounter focus on "speed" and "stable",not only in term of speed is ahead of domestic industry,but also the performance is very excellent."Yaoguo Yu says, we also have cooperated with many listed company as long-term partners,such as CHANGFANG LED,MRSON TECHNOLOGY,MLS,AVIGATE LED etc..
  According to introducing,ETON own the independent patent technology"Group taking and group patching",as the mature model coming into the market,there appear some copy equipment following.Yaoguo Yu see the phenomenon of copying and faking as a common occurrence,"The direction we go is fully automatic and energy-saving,more emphasis on brand."Yaoguo Yu said,ETON is planning to introduce multi-functional LED mounter to meet the demand of market.
    High anticipated LED industry event,2014 international LED exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Canton fair Pazhou exhibition hall from Sep.26th to Sep.28,ETON will bring their high-speed LED mounter to attend.
  "Someone says the industry is in downturn,but ETON think the market is good,next year will be better than this year,and the demand for equipment will rise on a new height"Yaoguo Yu says.Automation will be the evitable development trend in the future,which coincide with the concept of ETON,we predict that the following 3-5 years will be the golden times of development. 

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