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The 2018 Turkish International Brand Lighting Exhibition

Number of visits: Date:2020-03-28

Turkey international light brand ligthing exhibition held from 19th. to 21st. September,2018.ETON as the largest manufacturer of highspeed pick and place machine have attended the exhibition and have gotten great feedback.We had good communciation with partner in LED lighting and also shared good experience and idea about how to improve the production efficiency and intelligent automation.


The 2018 Turkish International Brand Lighting Exhibition was successfully held at the Istanbul Exhibition Center in Turkey. This exhibition has added a variety of new components such as various electronic components and semiconductor products, lamp production equipment and automated lighting systems, making the exhibition richer and more diverse. Yuanhua, to the maximum to meet the needs of major manufacturers, traders, distributors and professional buyers in the Turkish lighting industry.


The total exhibition area of this exhibition is nearly 150,000 square meters, attracting nearly 250 exhibitors to participate in the exhibition, nearly 8,000 professional views ... thanks to the organizer's local influence, the promotion of the exhibition, and The B2B matchmaking and free translation services provided at the exhibition site provided exhibitors from China with an opportunity to conduct face-to-face exchanges and negotiations with matching buyers. Therefore, many Chinese exhibitors said that they had gained a lot of high-quality Potential customers, and expressed their willingness to continue participating in such a professional exhibition next year!


With the global energy shortage and the concept of energy conservation and carbon reduction continuing to rise, the LED and lighting industry has become one of the key industries that the global government is committed to developing! From the perspective of the Turkish lighting market, the current Turkish lighting and lighting market size is about 350 million US dollars. There are more than 1,800 local lighting and lighting companies in Turkey. 70% of their products are mainly OEM OEM products, and most of the products come from China. Turkey's current lamp market is mainly composed of commercial lighting, industrial lighting, retail display lighting, and architectural lighting. Retail display lighting is the fastest growing industry in the Turkish lighting market. In recent years, in consideration of environmental protection, the Turkish government has banned the production and sale of incandescent lamps with a large wattage of 75-100W. This measure will undoubtedly increase the demand for energy-saving lamps and LED lamps.

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