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2019 International Lighting Fair, Pakistan

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SHENZHEN ETON AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is good exhibitor in the Pakistan lighting fair from September 17th. to 19th. and attracted many visitors and draw more attention to LED light production project and improve the efficiency in production.

This exhibition is the only largest energy lighting exhibition in Pakistan, with participation from 15 countries around the world every year. Companies exhibited good results, especially Chinese companies. And the show received strong support from the Pakistani government and the Ministry of Energy. The exhibition has been successfully held for 15 sessions. In 2018, the total exhibition area was over 15,000 square meters. Currently planning 6 pavilions in 2019, attracting many lighting and industrial leaders and experts from all over the world to Pakistan to inspect the market prospects.

The Pakistan International LED and Lighting Exhibition is hailed as Pakistan's current largest and most influential industry exhibition. The exhibition attracted many lighting and industrial leaders and experts from all over the world to Pakistan to inspect the market prospects. The exhibition provides a highly focused and interactive environment for participants to open up new foreign trade and cooperation opportunities and expand their existing market reach.

The Pakistan International Lighting Exhibition covers lighting and building materials. It is held once a year and has been successfully held for several consecutive years. The exhibition has received strong support from various departments of the Pakistani government. The exhibition has been recognized by many people in the building materials and lighting industries in Pakistan and South Asia. Get high praise from these people and major media. This exhibition not only displays the world's advanced technology and equipment, but also provides a good platform for face-to-face communication between buyers and sellers, scholars and experts, and also makes a necessary contribution to the investment in the Pakistani lighting / energy industry. It will be held in the city of Karachi, Pakistan, which will definitely provide a bright prospect and direct guidance for the local lighting and building materials industries, further strengthen Pakistan's energy planning and scientific development, and exhibitors will also have a more direct opportunity to explore the potential of Pakistan. market.

It is reported that the worldwide LED and other manufacturing industries are expected to grow by 45% annually by 2020, and the industry scale will increase from the current US $ 13.6 billion to US $ 63.1 billion. Pakistan ’s LED lighting market is also growing rapidly. Imports in the 2014-15 fiscal year About $ 100 million in LED lights. At present, Pakistan still has huge potential for LED lighting replacement. Replacing existing incandescent street lights with LEDs can save about 1000MW of electricity. At present, there are 4 LED manufacturers in Pakistan that can supply 0.5W-500W LED lamps of various types and uses in the market. However, the local LED industry in Pakistan is still developing slowly and its potential has not been fully realized. The main reason is that tax policies are distorted and imported raw materials are used to produce LEDs The financial and tax costs of lamps are higher than the direct import of LED lamps. The production of imported raw materials is subject to 20% tariff, 17% sales tax, 15% adjustment tax, and 5.5% income tax; direct import of LED lamps only needs to pay 20% tariff and 17% sales tax and LED lamps with operating voltage below 60 volts enjoy import duty-free policy.

The report pointed out that the Pakistani government will adjust the existing LED industry tax policy, reasonably balance the tax costs of imports and local production, and further promote the development of the LED industry. This will be a good time for Chinese enterprises to enter Pakistan.


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