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About led SMD placement machine embodiment literacy

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Today, the development of LED lighting products, has become increasingly hot up. And led in the production of these products, we need to apply led Mounter to mount. Which led placement machine can be said to belong to the SMT placement machine in one, is devoted to the LED industry to design customized SMT placement equipment, through it, you can achieve high-volume assembly of LED circuit boards, and reduce the cost of chip equipment, improve production efficiency. But in the process led SMD placement machine led products, is inseparable from its embodiment in the patch, then you know Embodiment led Mounter patch is how it?
 led Mounter
    led SMD placement machine embodiment:
    1, we need to mount the material placed on the feeder, and then transferred by means be delivered to the specified mounting position.
    2, through the application of visual identity and positioning system and camera vision system is responsible for Mark points (visual images) of material acquisition and feature extraction, matching recognition, camera calibration, three-dimensional positioning and other machine vision algorithms. Thus determined position and put stickers reclaimer position, in order to achieve accurate placement.
    Content described above is led SMD placement machine embodiments. Right Embodiment led Mounter patch can not only effectively reduce the failure, but also help extend its life. I hope this little knowledge can help to you, welcome you to our official website to learn more led placement machine.

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