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The market is more competitive and how LED industry innovation?

Source:internet Number of visits: Date:2016-03-15
Recently, the Chinese Communist Party Literature Research Center editor of "Xi Jinping discussed excerpts on scientific and technological innovation," the official publication. President Xi Jinping to Innovation at the heart of national development globally, attaches great importance to technological innovation, focus on the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy to accelerate scientific and technological innovation as the core of a comprehensive innovation, we put forward a series of new ideas, new conclusions, new requirements.
In the book, the President Xi Jinping discussed, some witty, humorous, and thought-provoking; some sharply, enlightening, and earnestness. The following excerpt from the President Xi Jinping discussed in section 3.
"Now, more normal technical limitations have also been introduced in the past when you are weak and no one wants to sell technology to you, today you develop, no one was willing to sell technology to you, because you are afraid of bigger and stronger. In the introduction can not have any illusions, the core technology of high-tech science and technology, especially defense technology is money can not buy. when people from the core technology, "Stand", "fixed adder", how could offer to how about you? only the core technology in their own hands, in order to truly grasp the initiative in competition and development, in order to protect the fundamental national economic security, national security and other security, of course, we can not shut ourselves from the world, to actively carry out foreign technical exchanges, efforts good use of both international and domestic scientific and technological resources. "
"Enhancing innovation confidence. After long efforts, we are close to or reach the world advanced level in some areas, some areas being addressed by" with the runners "to" and Departed "," leader "change, are fully capable of a new starting point on to achieve greater leap. our science and technology workers must have the confidence and determination. "
"Our science and technology in general and the developed countries, there is still, to take" asymmetric "core technology catch-up strategy, play to their strengths, especially in the 2050's impossible to catch up, to study the" asymmetric "sex catch up measures at the international level, there is no advantage of the core technology there is no strong political will in key areas, where you want to strangle hold great effort. the same is true on the military."
In the industry, we have emerged during today more than ever a more independent innovations, such as a silicon substrate, DUV, small pitch, backlight, flip, strong package, heat dissipation, small drives, intelligent control development momentum phosphor, silicone and other fields very encouraging, more small bulbs G9 black & frequent.
Similarly, the period we are now more than ever an urgent need for innovation. LED industry is to further enhance the industry aggregation, superior resources will move closer to competitive enterprises. We have to ponder, dazzling homogeneity, price varies, the fierce market competition, enterprises how to find a new way? Only innovation.
Change of thinking
Change of thinking, is to really seize the business opportunities change. Subversion is not so easy, but there must be a subversive thinking. The most important is to enhance the capacity of individual entrepreneurs, from the heart to embrace change, the ability to find opportunity in change is one of the most fundamental guarantee to maintain sustainable development of enterprises.
How not to be eliminated in the competition, technological innovation, product innovation is the support of the key. Nokia, the big brands such as Kodak Why will fall, in fact, the reason is very simple, are not able to change the mark to make the right judgments. No matter how the times change, change of thinking brings business model will change the entire subversion of business forms, all business logic will destroy the update cycle reconstruction process, which is a zero process.
"New ideas, new challenges." The real business judgment, the need to constantly change and transformation. Before the change in the situation to produce, it has formations, not only in seeking change, and their own enterprises, institutions and individuals to consider changes on the front, in order strategizing, winning thousands of miles.
The future market will have a high quality, unique products companies in the world, some of the new products and new models will be popular. Overseas large LED manufacturers will also enter China, with its own strong capital and advanced technology, and domestic manufacturers competing against.
Of course, this is also the driving force pressure. International competition arena, LED business if you do not pay attention to their power to build, will probably be destroyed in such a torrent. Technical strength of the enterprise may not fall into endless price war, even demise. LED companies only innovative research and development, improve their technical level and product quality, to win the initiative in the market before. In the same stage with international companies in the process of China's LED enterprises should focus on brand building in an effort to establish itself as the world's leading LED brand.
Industry 4.0 era
Indeed, to completely shift from the big power LED LED power, LED industry to achieve 4.0, there is still a long way to go, but we can start with the local cut, first try first. As the LED industry in Guangdong province, more industrial categories, the total scale, is a typical microcosm of Chinese LED industry, but also undoubtedly the best development of industrial plots 4.0.
By the end of 2014, Guangdong Province, involving LED production-oriented enterprises is about 15,000, accounting for about 70% of the national output, accounting for 50% of the world. As elsewhere, Guangdong Province is also facing a series of challenges before the arrival of Industry 4.0. For example, labor-intensive industries dominate; value-added products is not high, innovation is not strong, has not yet formed a complete innovation system; a shortage of high-end talent; industry homogeneity, low overall competitiveness, industrial transformation and upgrading is imminent and the like. All these need to accelerate our intelligence and intelligent production processes and equipment.
Globally, a huge super-complex system is being formed. More and more manufacturing companies have realized the importance of manufacturing to a service-oriented manufacturing transition from production. Intelligence services, both reflected in how companies efficient, accurate, and timely tap the potential customer needs and respond in real time, but also in the implementation of online products and services offline after delivery, and to achieve product life cycle management. Intelligent production line, shop smart, smart, intelligent factory will process with the evolution of information and communication technologies and innovative applications continue to deepen.
As the construction of manufacturing power overall strategy, "Made in China 2025" has begun implementing the identified information technology to reflect the depth of integration and manufacturing technology digital, networked, intelligent main line beginning implemented by the factor-driven to innovation-driven change, the quality and efficiency of the competitive advantages into competitive advantage of low-cost, transition from manufacturing to service-oriented production and manufacturing.

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