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Development Trend of LED placement machine

Source:internet Number of visits: Date:2015-12-28
LED placement machine in the manufacturing process plays a very important role, is a contemporary mainstream electronic assembly technology production equipment in the largest investment in the most advanced technology of SMT production line and productivity greatest impact device. In fact, most failures, speed bottlenecks are largely from the placement of this process, so the development of SMT equipment is most striking. Currently has a number of SMT and advanced level, it has become a key symbol of an enterprise, region or country of electronics manufacturing capabilities. The following stage of the development trend of the placement machine recount below.
1 LED placement machine moving in the direction of the development of more accurate
SMT placement machine precision is the X, Y axis mechanical precision navigation and Z axis motion accuracy. Mounter using precision mechatronics components to control the mechanical movement will crawl out of the feeder mechanism and calibrated after placement of sophisticated and reliable to the circuit board. In order to produce a more high-performance products, a major challenge faced is the first higher may improve placement accuracy placement machines. The following LED manufacturing process from start to tell with higher accuracy LED placement machine could have a revolutionary impact on the future production of LED generated.
In the conventional LED packaging technology, a wafer holder connected to the electrode with pin is generally interconnected by way of gold reached, but gold is one of the fault has been common cause of failure. In LED lighting applications, gold anomaly is leading to dead lights and the light fades big culprit this FAQ. Dead lights can be divided into two cases, one is completely off, the other is hot not cold bright light or flicker. The main reason is not bright electrical circuit appeared open, flashing because gold Weld or bad.
With the launch of Flip Chip technology, it can be connected to both a more stable metal connected by solder bumps, cost savings and greatly improved reliability and heat dissipation. LED has a long life and other advantages, with the flip-chip technology than the traditional use of gold wire interconnect packaging technology can give full play the advantages of LED, LED flip-chip bonding technology, achieved without gold wire single-chip and multi-chip modules, no solid crystal plastic package with high brightness, high efficiency, high reliability, low thermal resistance, color consistency and many other advantages.
LED package that is no gold industry called "no package" "free package." This process is the use of the flip chip and circuit board directly bonded SMT, SMD packaging process will be omitted, directly to the flip-chip bonded to stick with the SMT method on a circuit board or a carrier, because the chip area is much smaller than the SMD devices, so This process requires a very sophisticated design.
Future LED placement machine on improving the accuracy of the basic conditions, directly applied to the flip-chip packaging process-free, it will be a small revolution LED manufacturing process, can save a lot of packaging costs, and greatly increased production costs and shorten the production cycle, making LED products truly high performance and low price to enter the general lighting market. The LED placement machine directly applied to the LED manufacturing process, great potential to become a trend in future technologies.
2 LED placement machine moving in the direction of the development of efficient production
Today's society the most important feature is the competition. It is this competition to inspire people to strive to explore new and innovative; it is this competition, promoting technological advances. In the full swing of the LED lighting market pushed, high efficiency LED placement machine work inevitably become the embodiment of its core competitiveness. High efficiency is to improve production efficiency and reduce working hours, increase productivity, generate economic benefits. On the basis of the current main methods to improve efficiency are: to strengthen the performance of LED placement machine automation and improved equipment construction and operation.
2.1 strengthen automated performance LED placement machine
Today's information science and technology development and greatly contributed to the improvement of the level of automation, from automatic control, automatic adjustment, automatic compensation, automatic identification and other development to the self-learning, self-organizing, self-maintenance, self-repair and other higher levels of automation possible. While for automated CNC equipment, software programming efficiency SMT equipment to improve the efficiency of this vital, to develop more powerful software functionality of the system, reducing manual programming time, can greatly reduce the ineffective work time and increase productivity.
2.2 improve the device structure and mode
When the placement machine in terms of placement speed increase gradually reach a bottleneck, improve the structure of LED placement machine equipment is a good improvement ideas yet. For example, dual LED placement machine transport while retaining the traditional single LED placement machine performance, based on the PCB conveying, positioning, testing, placement and other design into dual structure. This dual structure can be synchronously and asynchronously. Synchronous mode is the two into the same size PCB synchronous orbit by a dual-mount mounting region, asynchronous sucked different sizes were sent to PCB mount area. These two kinds of work can increase productivity of the machine. Again more boom placement machine, multi-placement head structure, are effective method.
3 LED placement machine towards the development of flexible and modular structure
Promote the development of the times people's living standards and awareness, individual needs is an important strategic tool for the future of the market. More revelations electricity supplier first year open to us is that the traditional business model of the store is the product experience more stores and change direction. Future Electronics manufacturing to meet the individual needs of the market will have to face variety, less bulk, the challenge becomes such a short period, an effective way to adapt to this trend is the flexible placement equipment.
For example, the host LED placement machine made standard equipment and equipment unified base platform and common user interface, and the point stickers sheet made of various functions function module group. Module group have different functions, different requirements for the placement of components can be mounted in different accuracy and speed in order to achieve higher efficiency in the use; when there are new user requirements, you can add new features as needed module machine.
Flexible LED SMT placement is the actual production flexibility, which includes the ability to adapt to different PCBA products that can take into account the placement accuracy and speed, capable of fast changeovers, can upgrade. Flexibility is the ability to maximize the use of existing resources to create the best economic program, so soft is the kind of idea, dynamic, relative device characterization.
4 LED placement machine toward the intelligent direction
With the rapid development of Internet technology, young explosive growth of mobile intelligent terminal, and consumer groups, intelligence is the electronics industry, especially the development of home appliance industry is inevitable, the concept of intelligence has been very frequently in our lives , the product of intelligence is the most promising future markets. Similarly, in the manufacturing sector, the intelligent manufacturing equipment is the most promising development of manufacturing technology.
Intelligent LED placement machine has the following characteristics: human-computer integration, self-learning, self-organizing, self-maintenance, self-healing, and other ultra-flexible, high level of automation to improve the mental work, reduce errors in the production process, increase productivity so as to enhance efficiency. Future LED placement machine is such that on the basis of computer intelligence technology he has a more advanced human-like thinking ability, for the entire placement process analysis, judgment, reasoning, ideas and decisions, and can collect, store, share and Inheritance of human intelligence experts quickly and efficiently provide the most suitable flexible solution. LED placement machine precision and intelligent LED bound to have a huge impact on the future of production and technology.
5 LED placement machine direction towards green
In recent years the concept of green and environmental protection has a new connotation, so-called environmental protection in a broad sense, including not only the protection of the natural environment, but also to protect the social environment and the production environment, but to protect the physical and psychological environment producer. The development of human society is bound to man, man and machine, the harmony of man and society, man and nature, the future of LED placement machine from design to recycling throughout the manufacturing stage, we must consider the impact on the environment, in the design of Early on fully taking into account the maximum extent possible to improve material utilization, enabling users to maximize investment returns.

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