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The key technology of LED placement machine

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1 Precision Machine photoelectric integration technology

In, reflecting the technology of LED placement machine operating procedures: placement head

through accurate mechanical movement picked out the components from the feeder and after

calibration mechanism quickly and accurately the component mounted to the PCB board .

2 Vision Technology

Take not stop quickly shoot positioning technology, optical image capture position, on the fly.

3 maglev technology

You can solve the speed and placement accuracy of motion control technology maglev linear motor

driven applications, improved low original rotary servo motor speed screw Luo mother presence,

loud noises shortcomings. Maglev linear motor technology is applied, friction-free movement,

no resistance, high speed, long life.

4 High Efficiency Intelligent Software Technology

As the composition and structure of the mounter increasingly complex and diversified, the

mportance of the placement machine software technology increasingly be reflected. Efficient

parallel processing real-time multitasking operating system, intelligent placement program

optimization, automatic diagnosis technology is bound to greatly improve production efficiency

and product quality.

5 modular and system integration technology

Purpose modular and system integration technology is the speed LED placement machine, the precision

and flexibility of these three basic requirements for the proposed optimization and improvement

solution. Flexible modular technology equipment emphasize portability, interoperability, scalability

and configurability, providing device control platform to control demand reconfigurability and openness,

enabling simple and efficient construction and completion of specific requirements SMT equipment to

improve assembly productivity.

6 motor uses lightweight design concept

Can significantly reduce the weight of the machine moving parts, whereby the operation of the power

consumption when the machine is also significantly reduced to only ordinary placement machine 1/4

consumption, power consumption is up to ordinary placement machine 1/4 or less; LED Mounter for placement

accuracy is not required, but requires faster. For the current domestic LED professional placement machine,

there are a few do, according to different speeds can be divided into four, six, eight devices, you can

refer Tai Murui LED640, LED660 V and LED680 V which several LED special paste machine actual understanding.

That number represents the number of intermediate titles posted number. The higher the number, the higher

the speed. LED Mounter mainstream applications should be mounting a large area of ​​PCB board, to meet the

requirements online, so as to ensure speed.

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