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LED manufacturers expand production,suppliers speed up

Writer:ETONSource:Led Engineer Fair Number of visits: Date:2014-07-01

LED applications require the attraction of strong growth,the expansion of packaging plant in the Middle makes the pace once again.Reporter noted that,since the first half of this year,and most mainstream LED packaging factory of Taiwan and Mainland have been launched or planned a new round of expansion.

Recently,Lextar signify, for open the bottlenecks of packaging capacity,Ronda plans to increase the SMD production capacity from 1 billion a month, up to 1.4 billion, according to the projections, Ronda package expand by as much as 40%, they predicted that production capacity is expected to be released in the 3rd quarter, and contribute revenues.

China,Foshan NationStar Optoelectronics had announced in March this year, it said in a statement, proposed to change the purpose of savings fund $ 60 million dollars raise funds for investment projects "new plant and power construction project", to expand the capacity of  LED display screen packaging.MTC(002429.SZ)stated shortly before,will input 0.5 billion to establish Jiangxi BMTC co.,ltd.,then to expand the production capacity of LED backlighting and lighting package.

MLS had also made clear that before the year,the monthly capacity of LED package reached 13 billion at the end of 2013,estimated 2014 monthly capacity will increase to 20 billion in the same period.

 It is Noteworthy that part of its domestic second-line LED packaging manufacturers have also begun the plan to consider strengthening cooperation with upstream chip manufacturers.


 In addition,several executives of great manufacturer included Honglitronic ,SMALITE,CHANGFANG LED light exchanged with reporters who revealed that will have big expansion plans this year.

 In fact, this year the wave of expansion trend of LED packaging industry,it can be confirmed from the device manufacturer who is an important link with the supply chain of middle packaging manufacturers.

  "The first half of this year, shipments of our taping equipment reached 800-900 units,besides more than 600 orders have been listed to the end of this year.”the GM Yutao Zhao of Shenzhen LEDinside of trendforce said when accepted the interview of 《Engineers LED》 which is devoting in LED packaging back-end equipment,in one or two quater of year,domestic packaging manufacturers basically have large quantities of equipment purchasing order, we are actively expanding production.

  In the eyes of vice GM Yi Tan of Anplight, LED packaging factory must expand capacity or scale advantage and price advantage cannot be reflected.
Except active expansion,in the first half of the year,a part of LED packaging manufacturers signed supply and demand agreements with upstream chip factory,established a League.
In March of this year,JUFEI optoelectronics signed 《strategic cooperation agreement》 with Sanan optoelectronics and stated,during the March 2014 to March 2015,will purchase 0.2 billion of LED chip from Sanan optoelectronics.  

 Less than two month later,the subsidiary company Suzhou Nanojoin Photonics of NEW SEAUNION signed with CHANGFANG LED lighting the contract  named  <<2014 strategic sourcing cooperation agreement>> for nine months, month contract amount is 5.85 million yuan,total contract amount is 52..65 million yuan.

Shortly thereafter, on May 20, the subsidiary company Huaian Aucksun optoelectronics co.,ltd. of Aucksun holding signed 《strategic cooperation agreement with MLS,the parties will cooperate on the aspects of market information, product development, technical support and products,MLS will purchase LED chip from Huaian optoelectronics,the total amount will be not less than 0.4 billion yuan within 2 years.

Honglitronic Shoutie Deng in an interview also revealed that, signed a cooperation agreement will help the two sides of supply and demand,  Honglitronic does not rule out the possibility of such a plan in the future.

 "In terms of establishing strategic cooperation with upstream computer chip plant, SMALITE optical has a related plan in the near future."Luhua Zhang admits, establishes the binding relationships with suppliers to get more reliable chip resources, supply will be relatively stable, and can strengthen the cost control.



 It is easy to see,LED packaging factory choose this time to intensify their strategic cooperation with upstream chip supplier actively, partly because since the first half of the year the demand of LED highlight chip is tensions, so parties to ensure stable supply relationships; while the other is domestic packaging plant begin to pay attention to the chain integration of upstream and downstream supplier.

Especially the era which spell price simply has gone , product quality and reliability is becoming the focus of market attention, domestic LED packaging factory only seeks long-term stable suppliers of chips to strengthen the cost control and quality control, and continuously improve their products competitiveness of the future in the market.

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