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Speculation and trategy Domestic LED light patent break the situation Number of visits: Date:2014-06-21

On June20th,LED lighting industry intellectual property exchange salon is held successfully,sponsored by the Guangdong semiconductor light industry joint innovation center,organized by LED industry patent pool,co-organized by the federation of Shenzhen LED industry.the lawer of Beijing DELI service Yinsheng Sun,the lawer of Shenzhen WEISHIBO intellectual property law firm Qingwa He,the lawer,the lawer of Zhong Lun Law firm Yonghong Wang,the Ledman,the Collesun,the Rishang etc. are attending as the representative..

  The theme of this salon is"how domestic LED light patent break the situation",aimed at improving the patent strategy and management awareness of enterprise,to improve the quality of intellectual property by writing,as well as promoting the member of industry patent pool to make use of platform to compete and cooperate.

  Salon started with the speech of lawyer Yinsheng Sun "the quality evaluation of patent evaluation",combined with pratical patent litigation,to emphasize company when writing a patent,the claims of right should be consistent to the description of specification,otherwise the patent may be declared invalid.As for how to improve the quality of patent application,the lawyer Sun said:"To choose a good attorney is very important.Patent attorney is the second inventor,patent can be processed further from the perspective of patent litigation.He requires not only rich experience and appropriate industry background,but also also familiarity with the patent law,patent examination and other specifications." 

  The writing of patent can improve the patent quality,and that how LED enterprise to improve the quality of patent from the layout?The lawyer Qingwa He said,patent is to solve problems.Patent strategy should from the perspectiveof enterprise's needs.Secondly,the enterprise should layout the patent dynamically.Reading a competitor's patent,analysizing the layout of the main products,resulting in some new patents to encircle it,and finally,enterprise should have the awareness of applying the patent in China mainland,United States,Taiwan.

  Later the Yonghong Wang from Zhong Lun Law firmfrom the perspective of how the member of LED industry patent pool take use of platform to cooperate and compete,explained in detail the relationship of enterprise and patent pool,the purpose of joint and the problems in operation.He said enterprise always on the upstream and downstream,they differ in the patent claims,how to deal with these issues.

  Finally,representative of enterprise raised the problems of communication and foreign patent litigation,then got the related answer from professional lawyers. 

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