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What is the PFC? What is the PF? Why should high-PF?

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The abbreviation of PFC is a Power Factor Corrector, refers to the Power Factor correction; The PF is the abbreviation of Power Factor, refers to the Power Factor,is the ratio of active Power and apparent Power.
LED switching power supply of the normal working life depends on the service life of electrolytic capacitor used by power supply, the life of the electrolytic capacitor is determined by the life and working temperature of the capacitor again.
Capacitance temperature 65 ℃ when life can only guarantee about 80000 hours;
Capacitance temperature 75 ℃ when life can only guarantee about 40000 hours;
Capacitance temperature 85 ℃ when life can only guarantee about 20000 hours;
Capacitance temperature 95 ℃ when life can only guarantee about 10000 hours;
From the above calculation: electrolytic temperature every 10 ℃, the life will be cut in half.
High power factor can:
1) reduce the current harmonics;
2.) to increase power system capacity;
3) reduce the line loss and save power. Which stands for low power efficiency, low power factor and lower the power for numerical representation of the high proportion of the power loss in distribution network, not be corrected if low power factor, in addition to the active power, power companies to provide greater reactive power, which leads to need a bigger generator, transformer, transmission lines, etc., to compensate for loss. Power source with PFC function can improve energy utilization rate, reduce loss, also can reduce the harmonic pollution to power network.

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