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Development history

1.In 2007,set up the R&D center in Taipei,began to LED special purpose SMT machine technology and       patent research and development;
2.In 2008,set up Hong Kong Hon-Eton Group CO.,Ltd.;
3.In 2009,set up Shenzhen Eton Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.;
4.In 2009,the first machine ET-12 and ET-51 series began selling,for LED group mounting;
5.In 2009,won the “group picking and group placing” and other 4 invention and utility model patents;
6.In 2010,won “group picking and separate placing”, “group picking adjustable” and 7 patents;
7.In 2011,HT-12 series began selling;
8.In 2011,HT-E3 was complete research and development(Eton 3 generation machine);
9.In 2012,moved to Fuyong town,Bao an district,Shenzhen city,new factory;
10.In 2013,got “Shenzhen high-tech enterprises”certification.


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